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Coach Andrej Vistica 

Makarska, Croatia

Andrej is Croatia's most successful long distance triathlete with 3 international ironman distance wins, 3 podiums at Ironman races and ETU European Champion title. He started training late, at age of 23, but soon fell in love with the sport and decided to give his best to make a living out of it. 


Andrej is based in Makarska, Croatia

Training Squad: Andrej Vistica Coaching

Please contact Andrej directly for coaching enquiries.


I was born and raised in Ljubuski in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After high school I moved to Zagreb where I graduated at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and soon after started working in my profession. Towards the end of my studies I started running which soon led me to triathlon. I had no sporting background, but I soon fell in love with the sport. Even though it was highly unlikely at the time, I decided to give my best to turn my passion into profession. After 7 years of combining full time work with training I got to a point where I could leave my job and I never looked back. 

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I owe all of my results to Trisutto coaches. I approached Brett when I was a kid with unrealistic dream and he connected me with Joseph Spindler who coached me for the majority of my racing career. All I know about the sport I learned from them. I'm passionate about coaching and I want to become the best coach I can be. In my opinion, there's no better place to learn and develop as a coach.

What have you achieved in your coaching career?

I've coached Marin Koceic to 8:32h iron-distance PB (Challenge Roth 2013). In the same year he placed 5th overall at Challenge Vichy and recently he won his age group at Ironman Wales (2017). All this while working as a manager in Ericsson Croatia. Romano Scuric went 9:37h at Challenge Venice, improving his PB by 1:30h in one year. Salvatore Alioto had multiple PBs while also maintaining very tasking work schedule. Bojan Stojnic placed 3rd overall at Balatonman in his first iron-distance race. Daniel Filic finished his first Ironman in Italy with a time of 10:52 after 4 months of training under my guidance.


Yesterday was the last day of the training camp with coach Andrej Vištica. I am overhwhelmed with the person Andrej is and with the quality of his insights and methods. The progress I have made with Andrej has been rapid and substantial. I can gladly say that choosing Andrej as my coach was one of the best decisions when entering the triathlon sport! Looking forward to new challenges with my coach watching my back and guiding me. 

Marin Pavlić
about 1 month ago

Great coach with lots of knowledge and experience.

Ana Dodig
2 months ago

Was great to work with Andrej.  He has a great understanding of the sport and huge experience in European racing that makes his knowledge one of a kind.

Gerhard de Bruin
5 months ago

Top coach ! Changing bank, updating new card details asap.

over 1 year ago

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