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Coach Harald Fritz 

Vienna, Austria

Harald Fritz is one of Austria's most accomplished long distance running and triathlon coaches, currently training the 2x Global World Wings for Life winner. Harald holds a Masters in Sport's Science as well as Sport's Nutrition.


He is based in Vienna and speaks German and English.

Training Squad: Team Ausdauercoach

Please contact Harald directly for coaching enquiries.


I started coaching (gymnastics) when I was 15 years old. The complexity of the many exercise and the different requirements helped me a lot to develop my teaching skills by methodically building up the necessary skills sets and seeing flaws in movement pattern. Especially in swimming and running this helps me a lot to see and correct wrong moving patterns with the right drills. As someone with a keen interest in Natural Science, I am always hungry for learning new things and getting to the bottom of everything. That is why I completed several degrees to build up my theoretical background. Right now I am also giving back some of this know how as a triathlon lecturer at the Danube University of Krems (Austria).


My most valuable asset is my own experience from having done many things myself. From running marathons, ultra marathons up to triathlon at all distances. Because I am not very naturally talented I have had to work very hard for any athletic success, I can really understand all the questions and uncertainties of an Age Grouper. Since I also had a full job as a manager of an IT company and being the father of 3 (and still happily married to the same woman for 26 years) I also understand perfectly the daily problems of most age group athletes, especially regarding time management.


Since 2013 I have coaching one of the best long distance runners and two times global winner of the Wings for Life World Run, Lemawork Ketema. From this experience I can draw a lot for all my ambitious Age Groupers and professional athletes. Thanks to my strong like to Ethiopia I am also very happy that I can provide High Altitude Training at the training facilities of Hail Gebrselassie in Ethiopia for our athletes. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I have spent time over the last years with Brett Sutton attending multiple training camps in St. Moritz. Armed with this practical experience I am deeply convinced that Brett Sutton and methods of coaching lead to success. I wish to represent this coaching philosophy in Austria and am very proud to be part of the Trisutto team.

What have you achieved in your coaching career?

I am coaching one of the best long distance runners (2x Global Winner of the ´Wings for Life World Run) and Elite Level Runner on the marathon distance. Thus being part of the support Team at European and World Championsships for the Austrian Federation.


I totally agree with Nada's comments, specially the one on mental training. One learning I took from the camp, which hopefully will help me to get over the issue on a race day: train hard, and make it hard, really hard. 
Couple of quality sessions we had (JJ, NAS, track session), helped me significantly to build my confidence that I can sustain the effort. Eventually failing in the workout hurts much less, then failing on a race day. So - increase the load gradually, until you can't sustain it. And then increase it more.... "When I push, I feel good" :D


Two more great learnings from my perspective:

Nutrition. By nutrition, I mean food in general, not only the "around the workout stuff". Basically, I learned it doesn't make sense to be too obsessed with weight. Apparently, more is better than less in this case. 
This also has huge impact on second learning:

Stress caused by workouts to the immune system. Something I never thought of. Great point Harald on this one.


In general, I enjoyed the Harald's (and Trisutto's) approach of keeping things simple. It resonates well with my experience, and seems to yield some positive results. The JLL race was the 1st validation point. 2nd one is coming in 16 days.

Thanks all the campers for fabulous experience. The sessions hurt, but our laughs made the pain somehow lesser :).

Bartosz Matczak
over 2 years ago

Dubai Camp January 2019
I was a bit hesitant about attending this camp as I was just returning from a 3 week holiday having not exercised while away, but decided to take a chance on it while hoping for the best.  Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised.  


Exercise Structure: Exercises were mostly in the morning and afternoon/ early evening.  I found that structure to be perfect from a learning/adaptation point of view.  I did not feel rushed to get from one place to the next and had plenty of time to process the lessons learned during the sessions. Similarly, I was able to attend to work/personal matters during the break which reduced the stress of having things slip through the cracks during the camp and time away from family. 


Instructions:  Coach Harald’s instructions were clear and to the point.  He made his points across easily even when the tropic was more complicated (nutrition).  He was patient and listened well to my concerns and questions.  


Perhaps his best skill is identifying the main area the athlete needs help with and focusing on correcting/adjusting that specific area.  I saw the benefit of this approach as I have taken many swim lessons with other coaches and being told that I need to work on multiple areas was very confusing and counterproductive.  I’ll never forget the puck puck puck grenade launchers.  


Another area Coach H excelled in was his repetition of important points- to me this was a great reinforcement of what us athletes needed to focus on.  


Training feedback: In all three disciplines, the feedback was exceptional.  The “don’t beat around the bush” approach was what I appreciated the most.  Being taped in the swim and the run on multiple occasions helped me understand what areas needed work and also allowed me to see my progress throughout the camp duration.   Invaluable training tool.


Venues:  The choice of venues for the swim/bike/run was ideal.  The places were clean, easy to find, and exposed us to various training terrain and environments.  For cycling, we did climbs on Jebel Jais, flats on AQ and DXBike; for swimming we did both open water and pool swims; and for running we did track, AQ, and corniche runs.  I truly enjoyed the variety of the venues and appreciated the thought taken into creating such a training program.  


Logistics: All meeting venues (for training and fuelling/social) were communicated to the athletes in plenty of time.  The close proximity of training and fuelling locations was well received as it both: fit within the 30 min window for replenishing our glycogen levels and made it easier for us to focus on post-training discussions.  As each of our training sessions were completely supported, having the pre and post nutrition hydration present at all sessions was truly welcomed.  


Group dynamics: Having being exposed to numerous training experiences, I am somewhat weary of the dynamics of these group.  Combining a number of people (let alone people who do not know each other well) in a stressful training situation can have disastrous outcomes.  This was not the case.  Our group, kudos to our coach, gelled and worked well together.   


Special touches: While all social meetups were great, having the Herzigs open their home to us on two occasions was a special treat.  We were able to let our hair down and learn in a relaxed environment. 

Thank you again. 

Nada Prouty
over 2 years ago

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