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I'm telling you right here, if you follow our protocol that I use for all athletes, not just the champions, you will improve. We call it the 'NOW method'. 


Yes we look at what we would like to achieve. 

Yes we look at the past, but it's very fleeting.  

And we hone in like a laser focusing on the 3 day window. 


Then on the sessions we do on one day, that is the day at hand for training. That day of training is developed from knowing what we did yesterday and what we want to do tomorrow. That is what we focus on 100% on our training day. The one thing we have total control over.


Some can do that better than others. It's no coincidence for me the ones that learn to do it best are the ones that improve most. 

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January training

Monday - Bike power set 1

Tuesday - Swim speed set 1

Wednesday - Run 40 mins build 

Friday - Swim heart rate set 1

Thursday - Bike build

Saturday - Bike long  

Sunday - Run long


All swimming is core work
All hill running is core work 

Seated climbing on the bike is core work 

Rolling around the floor on a ball is for shysters taking your money with educated nonsense 


On days when you feel tired and don't know if to train or not, we suggest doing the warm up of a workout before making a decision to train or not using the following guidelines:

If you feel better, try to do the scheduled workout.
If you feel the same (still tired, but not worse), complete a continuous easy workout of half the duration scheduled.
If you feel worse, then stop and enjoy a guilt free rest.


We do not schedule rest days into the plan (e.g. every Monday). We find that life circumstances generally dictate rest days as unplanned events do arise in real life (e.g. business travel, family stresses, sickness). If you are unusually tired (see above) then a rest day may be needed, and can be taken guilt free. This way we aim for consistency, with rest taken when needed. To keep balance in life with other commitments, where too much crowding can lead to overload.


Consistency is important in endurance sport. Many want to do the big killer workouts, but then require a day or more off to recover, or pick up some illness. It is much better to keep chipping away and 'hurry slowly'. If you are especially tired please see notes above and do not be afraid to take an easy day or a day off, and most importantly guilt free.


Do not attempt to squeeze missed workouts later in the week. Cramming is likely to lead to too much on one day subsequently affecting the next. Simply move on and focus on the next day of training and doing that to the best of your ability. No one day should be so hard that it affects your ability to train the following day for the majority of the program


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We like to keep things simple. While others espouse heart rate and power zones we find that these are a cause of confusion, distraction and worry. Instead we prefer the following perceived exertion levels.