Coach Dirk Neumann

Frankfurt, Germany

In his earlier years Dirk was a soccer professional, and later a talent coach for the tennis association. He started marathon running in 2004 and triathlon in 2007. He has completed more than 25 Ironman races all over the world. As a member of the national age group team he has raced at all distances at both the European and World Championships.

Dirk is bases himself in Frankfurt, Germany and Gran Canaria, Spain


Training Squad: Trisutto Vikings 

Please contact Dirk directly for coaching enquiries.


I was never a pro triathlete. Probably that is the reason why it is easier for me to understand the problems of the age group athlete who started Triathlon in their later years. One of my biggest talents is to find the individual technique that fits for each athlete and.helping them to reach their goal.


I learned all the standard training methods and practice this inside and out: with less success and less happiness. In 2015 I joined the squad of Brett Sutton. Day ZERO started. Brett showed me a way to have much more fun in doing what I love. I followed the squad to the best places in the world. I tralned every day with the pros and learned more about Triathlon than you can not find in any book. For me it is a privilege to be part of the squad and I am thankful to give my expierence to other athletes.


For many weeks I joined Brett 'the doc' Sutton on deck at the camps in Frankfurt, St.Moritz, Gran Canaria, JeJu island and Mallorca as part of completing the Trisutto Coaching Certification. In 2017 I coached my first camps on the beautiful island of Mallorca. In future this will be my main camp location in spring and autum for coaching the Trisutto philosophy and Total Body Force Method. 

Why do you work with Trisutto?

My Goal... Is share my expierence to other athletes. No matter how old they are or as late they started with our wonderful sport: Triathlon. This I do with passion, joy and enthusiasm. So every athlete is able to reach his /her personal goals.


I really enjoy these camps with head coach Dirk and his side kick coach Kristin. I love the way we can train together, but at the same time get individual programs and go with our own pace. I greatly appreciate that I'm given feedbacks after every session, so I know I'm on track or need to change my technique. I like that Dirk challenges me to be better, pull me out of my comfort zone, and to prove me wrong - that I indeed CAN do it (when I think I can't).  Sometimes it feels like he knows me better than I know myself :) He sees the potential in me as an athlete that I don't always see, but by following he's instructions and trust the process.... truth be told, I'm definitely faster and happier triathlete now!
Already looking forward to the next camp!
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Marie Halvorsen
about 2 years ago

From the point I started the training with Dirk’s plans I could permanently build up my fitness. So the method did work very successful. Every race I finished with a new PB. 

Besides the great Trisutto method I think the key to that success was: 

- Dirk matched the training plans very well to my weekly changing business schedule. 

- During hard working periods I trained less and during holidays much more. He had a great feeling to never overload my weeks. 

- Dirk doesn’t think in numbers and watts; he sees the human being behind his plan. 

- He is a great motivator :-) 

Eva Wirthlin
over 2 years ago