High Altitude Running Camp Ethiopia | Triathlon Camp

High Altitude Running Camp Ethiopia

Sululta (near Addis Abeba)

NameHigh Altitude Running Camp Ethiopia
CoachHarald Fritz
LocationSululta (near Addis Abeba)
PriceUSD 1500
DateMarch 4, 2019
Not only the high altitude but also the climate in our training facility in Ethiopia is just perfect for endurance training!  Some highlights needed?

- fast transfer (50min) from airport Addis Abeba
- no malaria or other vaccination requiered ,(*
- temperature always beteween 15° and max. 25°,
- Elevation: ca. 2.800m,
- many different running courses for every level
- local running guides for every level up to 2:30h marathon time, free of charge
- no pollen polution, ideal for allergics
... what do you want more?

Languages will be german and english! Price is for 14 days (double room, half board)

In march 2019 we will be in Ethiopia again for our high altitude endurance camps. We will provide our individual assistance for every performance level of triathletes and runners. Especially if you are preparing yourself for one of the mayor spring marathons this is the ideal time frame!

You need more information?

Call the head coach: +43 664 302 65 90 or just write a mail: trainer@ausdauercoach.at

From 4.3.2019 - 22.3.2019 you will get full personal assistance from Harald Fritz.  Your arrival/departure and length of stay can be flexibally booked.

Target Group:
Athletes how want to reach their next level of running performance in 2019. We will provide personal coaching on a daily basis as well as the possibility of individual training. Please be aware, that for personal coaching we only have limited spaces!

Our individual assistance starts before the camp in discussing with you your personal goals, your actual level of fitness and training volume to tailor your training. Especially at high altitude everybody is reacting differently and there is a high chance that people want to train too much too fast and by doing that will do more harm than gaining benefits. That is why we will adjust your training on a daily basis! Here are some of our programs for runners and triathletes

- 2x daily runs on different routes and distances with local Guides or by yourself
- intervalls on track
- hill training
- fartleks
- running technique analysis with video
- swim training
- bike sessions on the turbo
- functional training
- regeneration (SMR, Sauna,...)
Please be aware, that the ful benefit of high altitude training will need at least 2 (better 3 weeks) of staying and training in high altitude. If you stay for a shorter period it will not harm you but the effects will be less. We recommend at least 10 days.

(*) in the Addis Abeba area (where our camp is located) there is no malaria because of the high altitude and there are no vaccination needed. Still we strongly recommend to see your local doctor if he is recommending anything for your personal health.
In Ethiopia there are still cases of rabies reported. Therefore we strongly recommend a vaccination. 

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