Canarian Triathlon Championships

June 10

Team Lanzarote win the Junior Triathlon Canarian Championships!!! Exciting and fast racing at Club La Santa Lagoon. It was a tremendous day!!!

Congratulations to the Team, Tiffany Cabrera Robson, Paula, Laura, Cristina, Lucia, Ariadna, Harry Holdaway, Saul, Jorge Wilkes, Marcos Knight, Luis and Thomas Cleminson! What a great Team effort. With Jose Israel Caraballo Nieves and myself as Team Coaches.
Tiffany 3rd, Paula 7th, Laura 8th, Cristina 10th, Lucia 11th, Ariadna 14th.
Harry 1st, Saul 2nd, Jorge 3rd, Marcos 4th, Luis 6th, Thomas 7th.

The individual results from Team Bayliss Multisport were huge!!! Team Bayliss Multisport are so proud of Tiffany coming 3rd overall in the girls race which qualifies her for Spanish Championships! The best I have seen her race, strong and gutsy from start to finish. Congratulations Tiffany!

Harry won the overall boys race, Harry had the race of his life so far! Congratulations Harry! Jorge running himself into 3rd place also having the race of his life so far, both qualifying for the Spanish Championships in their first year in the Cadete category! Marcos 4th overall loosing the podium spots during the run while he had problems with cramps. We have to wait for the selectors to decide if Marocs will be picked for the Canarian Team for Spanish Championships.

ThankYou for the photos Steve Lupson