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Valentina Leucari


NameValentina Leucari
LocationLa Spezia and Milano, Italy
Team RoleCoach
Primary LanguageEnglish
Team3V Triathlon Training
Coach Profile: Valentina Leucari
Valentina Leucari is an age group triathlete, former Italian age group duathlon champion and multiple time Ironman finisher. Based in Italy, between Milano and La Spezia, she is developing her coaching activity in triathlon and long distance sports. Valentina speaks Italian and English.

Description of Valentina Leucari
Valentina has been a passionate age group triathlete for more than 15 years, competing in any distance. Long distance triathlon is neverthelss her favourite playground for enjoying the sport and always challenging herself. She has been coached by Trisutto coach Edith Niederfriniger for the past two years, having the chance of getting in touch with the Trisutto methodology. The desire of going deeper into the sport and the art of coaching has brought her to accomplish the Trisutto Certification in June 2018. After a career as a consultant in Economics and Statistics she then decided to take up another challenge and dedicate herself to a full time triathlon coaching activity.

Why do you work with Trisutto?
My goal as a coach is to give the best of myself to help each athlete achieving his personal objectives and living his passion at a deep level. My coaching wants to be "personalized" as much as possible and highly professional as well as aiming at giving a rewarding sport experience to everyone involved, from beginner to experienced athletes. 
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