Race results

Kona 2019 Recap

October 17

Another Kona has been swam, biked and run and we have two Champions. One new and one returning to make it three fantastic wins.

I want to congratulate all who worked fantastically hard all day to be on the podium.
Firstly of course, I'd like to compliment Sarah Crowley and her Trisutto coach Cam Watt.
Sarah had a fantastic day, but more importantly one should observe over the last years how she has continued to work so hard to improve herself in all three disciplines. From a coaching perspective an honour to watch.


Seb Kienle put it all on the line to have a super return to form on the Big Island. Tim O'Donnell really showed a lot of American athletes that patience and more importantly persistence can make you a champion. The execution of his game plan was outstanding.

I want to say both congratulations and condolences to Lucy Charles. She's now delivered three Kona winning performances in a row, only to have the misfortune of running into the most exceptional athlete of all time, and after leading again for over 7 hours, a 2:51 marathon. Charles was magnificent. It's a performance that frustrates me to death about Kona. Totally unforgiving.

Annie Haug has given Germany its first women's win at Kona. We at Trisutto have long believed she had the talent and weapons to win Kona and she's delivered on the day it counts. A brilliant job all day, never looking in trouble from the swim exit. While most see her as a Champion now, take a look back to the ITU racing where she has been a champion for long before her long distance career. Congratulations you made your country proud.

Finally, I leave the most impressive until last. Jan Frodeno saved the men's triathlon for another year. Nobody can deny this was a Tour d'Force in a performance that shouted 'I am the best all Ironman on the planet'. A me, myself and I execution that was complete dominance from start to finish. Nothing more needs to be said.


To all who follow and ask about Dani. Saturday was again a show of great courage and demonstration of why she is the champion she is. I'm sure more will be written post career about the decision to start. The Chrissie 2012 option, which would have been the 'correct' decision here athletically, wasn't tolerated by her. You'll hear no excuses, sport's cruel and it is up to the athletes to be prepared on the day. For all her followers she is OK, happy for the victors and then I'm sure will do as great champions do - bleed a little and then plot her return.