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January 7, 2018
Mirjam Weerd
Coach Profile: Mirjam Weerd

Mirjam Weerd is an Ironman, Challenge and 5x Dutch National Champion and one of the Netherlands most successful long distance athletes. With 8 years of international race experience, Mirjam is based in Curacao, and speaks Dutch, English and German.

Description of Mirjam Weerd

After having played waterpolo for over ten years I took up triathlon in my late twenties. Somehow I’ve always started late with everything. But that never kept me from learning all there is to know about a sport and to get the best out of myself. In my first attempt at a 70.3 IRONMAN at Monaco I found myself qualified for the big dance at the World Championships in Kona a year later. That race became my first full distance triathlon. Needless to say I was hooked. 

The following year I started racing as a professional because my strong swim/bike combination always ensured me to be at front of the race. The run was something I needed to work on. And I did. It marked the beginning of many top 5 places at both IRONMAN and Challenge races, a personal best of 9.02.31 at Challenge Roth and finally a big international win at Challenge Denmark. For a long time I’ve combined professional racing with a demanding job as a communication advisor. But qualifying as a professional athlete meant that I needed to give up my job. So I did, at the age of 35. After three years of hard work, struggle and perseverance I managed to qualify for Hawaii in 2013. Although the race itself was a disappointment, the road to Hawaii was a very eventful learning process which I would have never wanted to miss out on. 

As I’ve been trying to get the best out of myself, I also like to pass on my knowledge to other athletes. In 2014 I coached a group of women cyclists to overcome the Dolomites Marathon. Some of the atletes had never even ridden up a mountain before. I couldn’t have been more proud to see them succeed in their own leagues. I also lead a Start2bike course, have done several clinics of running and open water swimming and coached atletes to their first triathlon. At the moment I have almost two hands full of athletes to coach. This way I can really put the time and effort into coaching the way I want to, being flexible and available whenever the athletes need to. Even though I'm still active as an athlete myself, I love to puzzle schedules for the athletes while striving to an optimize balance. Having been a professional athlete with a demanding job next to it mysel, I understand that balance is the only way to achieve your goals.

What have you achieved in your coaching career?

Every athlete has his or her own goals. Whether that is setting a personal best on the olympic distance or getting to the finishline of your first full triathlon distance, I'm happy to help you achieve it. At this point I've helped athletes doing just that: achieving their goals. You don't need to podium to have succes. Succes is based on your ability and being the best athlete you can be. 

Why do you work with Trisutto?

With the Trisutto philosophy everything I have learned in my own amateur and professional career as an athlete has come together. The practical, efficient and personal approach suits my own beliefs and ideas and allows me to pass them on with full confidence to my athletes. Being at the end of my professional career as an athlete I’m now so happy for the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and to help others achieve their best.
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I would call myself still a newbie in triathlon sport but with Mirjam at my side I got right into it :) we started to work together in 2017 and with her experience and years as athlete she teached me a lot. No matter if are the athlete who needs to be motivated or rather stopped from overdoing- she understands you and makes it fit! with her simply open minded way of life, humour and fun at triathlon she just gives you the little extra kick to be and give the best each session or race. She will find the right words and trainings to make you feel comfortable and able to achieve whatever you are aiming for! For me within 6 months that was to qualify for the 70.3 worlds 2018 and we made it. No doubt that you need to work hard for it but if you want to have a laugh while doing it- she is the one! ;) besides all the fun I feel like whatever problem is coming up she will find a way to get us training trough it. She just understands, adjusts if needed and keeps looking at the big picture. The are more challenges ahead and I can’t wait to face them with Mirjam

Jenni Paglia
about 1 year ago
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 After having had an injury that obliged me to do any kind of sports during a three-month period, Mirjam helped me to get into a regular training again. Thanks to her, I could finish my second Ironman 10 months later successfully in a faster time than my first one. She is a very empathetic coach with a huge knowledge. Since I have worked with Mirjam, my learning curve regarding my training and racing has been very steep. 

Cécile Amstad
about 1 year ago
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