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George Gurrola
Age group: 50-54
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George Gurrola
United States
Fortson, Georgia
PR or ER
Age group
April 3, 2018
George Gurrola
Hello!!  I joined the US Army in 1985 immediately after graduation (only 17 years old).  I never really played any sport seriously, only recreation soccer while in grade school.   The Army changed everything for me: I had to become physically fit and enjoy getting up at 4am for PT every day.  I immediately was drawn to all types of physical fitness, excelling in Army based fitness tests.  My Army leaders inspired me to always do my best, as I ended up spending the majority of my 23 year career as an Airborne Ranger.   I was introduced to triathlons by a close friend and Army officer back in 1993.  He was truly one hell of an athlete, competing in Hawaii several years in a row as a part of the US Army World Class Athlete team.  I decided to give triathlon a shot, completing my first sprint triathlon...and I cannot even remember the actual distance.  My goal was to not come in last.  It's funny, there was no real training involved, just GO!!  I guess that is what some label as the typical "black hole" training routine.  Still, I had success and began to enjoy the sport of triathlon.  In 1999, I participated in my first Ironman in Austria.  All I can say, is Wow, what an experience!  From there I was hooked, and have been doing IMs almost every year.  Between family and work, I fit in what training I can to get the job done.  For a while, I thought I had  the training down, but then something happens out there on race day and I realized I wasn't training the correct way.   After spending 23 years in the military, I now feel the aches and pains to the body with a couple of knee surgeries, broken back, and several hard parachute landing falls.  My most serious injury happened outside of the Army: last fall (Sept 2017) a car hit me head one while I was cycling.  To recover from a head on bike accident with a moving vehicle - I consider myself extremely lucky that nothing serious happened, and thankful that it was me and not someone else I was out there riding with.... 

So when TRISUTTO started, I liked their way of thinking, but still thought of myself as a self coached individual -WRONG!  This recent TRISUTTO camp at Hilton Head Island set up by Robert, opened my eyes to reality and can't be more satisfied in such a short period of time.  The new beginning has started for me and I am looking forward to training and racing in the Trisutto method.
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