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John Bye

United States

NameJohn Bye
LocationSouth Orange, NJ, United States
Team RoleAthlete
Primary LanguageEnglish
CoachRobert Taylor
TeamPR or ER
Age Group45-49
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Strava Activity
2019-01-22First Swim in a Month1.0058 km17 minsSwimStrava logo
2019-01-226.2 Mile Build (Treadmill)8.928 km45 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-2115x1m Low Cadence20.2927 km60 minsRideStrava logo
2019-01-207.5 Mile EZ Treadmill10.937 km57 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-193x4m Bike/Run Intervals3.5516 km15 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-191 Hr EZ + 3x8m Bike/Run Brick Intervals57.924 km120 minsVirtualRideStrava logo
2019-01-177x(3m Low Cadence/3mEZ)0.0 km61 minsRideStrava logo
2019-01-17Run 3-of-3: 2x(1m Intervals)+EZ1.3265 km7 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-17Run 1-of-3: EZ + 6x(1m Intervals)4.432300000000001 km21 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-17Run 2-of-3: EZ1.6124 km8 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-16EZ Run (Carlsbad, CA)6.465199999999999 km34 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-16Zwift: EZ + 2x3m Low Cadence6.2894 km15 minsVirtualRideStrava logo
2019-01-15Build Run8.2515 km41 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-15Post-Trainer EZ Run4.0088 km20 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-1515 Low Cadence x (1mHARD/1mEZ) 11.265600000000001 km31 minsVirtualRideStrava logo
2019-01-15Zwift -- NYC EZ6.4058 km18 minsVirtualRideStrava logo
2019-01-145 Low Cadence x (1mHARD/1mEZ)2.412 km9 minsRideStrava logo
2019-01-14Trainer Warm-up3.2079 km7 minsRideStrava logo
2019-01-14Trainer EZ8.046800000000001 km15 minsVirtualRideStrava logo
2019-01-13EZ Run10.4468 km53 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-12EZ Run6.0166 km30 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-12Brick: 8mBike1/4mRUN2/8mBike2/4mRUN22.3321 km9 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-12 Brick: 8mBIKE1/4mRun2/8mBIKE2/4mRun220.1212 km38 minsVirtualRideStrava logo
2019-01-12Zwift -- Warmup4.586399999999999 km10 minsVirtualRideStrava logo
2019-01-11Afternoon EZ Run5.0698 km28 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-11Core Strength Workout0.0 km13 minsWorkoutStrava logo
2019-01-11Zwift -- EZ16.841 km64 minsVirtualRideStrava logo
2019-01-11Morning Ride22.3729 km63 minsRideStrava logo
2019-01-10Treadmill -- 8x1m Threshold8.2362 km40 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-09Zwift: 6x3m Low Cadence22.7367 km60 minsVirtualRideStrava logo
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