Joy Jocson | PR or ER

Joy Jocson

United States

NameJoy Jocson
LocationIrvine, CA, United States
Team RoleAthlete
Primary LanguageEnglish
CoachRobert Taylor
TeamPR or ER
Age Group40-44
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Strava Activity
2019-02-26Morning Swim2.0117000000000003 km43 minsSwimStrava logo
2019-02-22Morning Swim1.6459000000000001 km36 minsSwimStrava logo
2019-02-21Morning Swim2.0117000000000003 km41 minsSwimStrava logo
2019-02-08Morning Swim- Nicola 251.966 km35 minsSwimStrava logo
2019-01-23Afternoon Ride- easy ride 34.8337 km79 minsRideStrava logo
2019-01-23Brett’s Highway to Hell - Strength session 0.0 km74 minsRideStrava logo
2019-01-22Lunch Run5.8275 km38 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-21Afternoon Ride64.03280000000001 km154 minsRideStrava logo
2019-01-18Evening Swim2.0117000000000003 km44 minsSwimStrava logo
2019-01-16Evening Swim2.1031 km48 minsSwimStrava logo
2019-01-11Morning Swim1.9202000000000001 km40 minsSwimStrava logo
2019-01-10Morning Swim2.0117000000000003 km43 minsSwimStrava logo
2019-01-09Morning Ride3.7524 km10 minsRideStrava logo
2019-01-09Morning Run0.7102 km4 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-09Morning Ride5.4233 km13 minsRideStrava logo
2019-01-09Morning Run0.6892999999999999 km4 minsRunStrava logo
2019-01-09Morning Ride10.86 km28 minsRideStrava logo
2019-01-01Lunch Swim - New Year’s Day 2.1031 km47 minsSwimStrava logo
2018-12-29Evening Swim1.7374 km41 minsSwimStrava logo
2018-12-27Evening Swim2.0117000000000003 km45 minsSwimStrava logo
2018-12-07Morning Swim1.463 km32 minsSwimStrava logo
2018-12-02Morning Activity- easy hike1.788 km26 minsWorkoutStrava logo
2018-12-01Lunch Ride90.5732 km191 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-17Morning Ride80.544 km180 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-16Morning Swim - Nicola 25s1.8745 km36 minsSwimStrava logo
2018-11-15Morning Swim2.7432 km59 minsSwimStrava logo
2018-11-03Afternoon Run2.7738 km20 minsRunStrava logo
2018-11-03Afternoon Ride6.637899999999999 km16 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-03Morning Ride80.5872 km182 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-01Morning Swim2.0117000000000003 km43 minsSwimStrava logo
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Custom Training Plan4 weeksWeeklyWeeklyWeekly
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Advice on race planning, tapering & execution
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Discount on trisutto clothing10%20%
Weekly Skype meeting to discuss training
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Minimum commitment3 months
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