Behavioral change

Overtraining and Emotions

July 15



We are humans not robots, we all  have feelings.

Ive realized over the years how important it is to be able to handle emotions, look, investigate what really is going inside us on a daily basis. A lot, not a few, A LOT of athletes get niggles, serious injuries, sick all the time, overtrained, because they don’t know how to deal with their feelings, emotions , and mind. 


During this particular time I’ve seen numerous athletes being very frustrated , and angry because of the situation, and that has been translated into training harder and longer. Then they are extremely tired, take 2-3 days off, come back to training and do it again, and again. With what purpose ? What are you achieving ? Nothing is being gained, the only thing that is being achieved is putting yourself in a big whole that eventually will be very hard to get out off. and off course coming out with an injury that will leave you out for longer. We can not change what’s going on around the world, we can’t change anything , and or anyone, we can only change ourselves. 


Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why are you really doing triathlon or any particular sport  ? Do you really enjoy it ? The process ? Being heathy ? Enhancing your life and the life of your loved ones around you ? 


If you don’t have the tools to deal with emotions, feelings and your mind, ask for help, we are humans not robots. In the long run those who are curious about exploring what is really going on inside will be better athletes and will perform better.