Trisutto Coaches Announce 'Swimming in Triathlon' Seminar & Team at Gdynia

August 2

Trisutto Coach and successful Ironman athlete Rafal Medak will for the second year be holding his successful seminar ‘Swimming in Triathlon – Training by Trisutto’ on August 4 at the Marriot Hotel Gdynia. Last year’s seminar was attended by over 100 athletes, with this year’s event including a live broadcast. 

Swimming is one of the elements that a majority of triathlete’s dread or struggle to make improvements on. This seminar will help athletes understand that swimming in triathlon is different from pool swimming, so different techniques need to be used.
– Rafal Medak, Trisutto Coach.

The seminar will be a perfect opportunity to hear what Rafal has learnt during his years of coaching using the methodology. The seminar is open to all levels of athletes and is open for anyone to attend.

Rafal’s popularity as a coach and extensive experience has seen him co-found Triangle Sports, a professional and age group Polish triathlon racing team, which is due to be formally launched in 2019. The team will be lead by Rafal in partnership with his wife and coach Alicja Medak and High Profile age group athlete Rafal Herman, which will see athletes coached under the methodology.  

“Our goal as coaches is to create a supporting environment to develop elite level triathletes, but at the same time promoting health and well-being within Poland.” – Rafal Medak Trisutto Coach and founder of Triangle Sports

The team will consist of both Rafal and Alicja as coaches, with Alicja focusing on female athletes new to sport, and are available for coaching both in-person and remotely. Athletes will also have the opportunity to participate in regular training camps, which Rafal and Alicja already run across Europe. The team will hold regular sessions at their base in Poland, which will be formally announced in early 2019, providing an easy base for athletes who want to regularly train under Rafal and Alicja.

“Our main goal with Triangle Sports is to provide athletes within Poland and Europe the opportunity to train within a team environment alongside like-minded athletes. At the same time the team will be an ideal vehicle for promoting health and triathlon within the local community through events and training sessions open for all levels of athlete”
- Alicja Medak Trisutto Coach and Co-Founder of Triangle Sports.

Triangle Sports will be launched in early 2019 as part of the Spirit Multisport European League. It’s partners include Headphone distributor Creative and the Austrian luxury alpine apartment development, the Heimat. 

To meet and hear from Rafal and Alicja Medak and learn more about the team first hand join them in person at the Marriot Hotel Gdynia on August 4 at 3.30pm or view it on Facebook Live:
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