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Christine Waitz
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Christine Waitz
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January 8, 2018
Christine Waitz
Coach Profile: Christine Waitz

Is a two time Ironman Age Group World Champion and a German Long Distance National Champion. Based in Roth, Germany she specialises in triathlon and endurance sport coaching as well as technique training in swimming, road bike and mountain bike. Christine speaks German and English.

Description of Christine Waitz

I started doing triathlon when I was 13 years-old. Being born at Roth it’s probably no wonder I chose triathlon. Having been the opposite of athletic as a child it has been a surprise for those who knew me, though. Looking back, it has been the starting point of over 20 years of passion for endurance sports. 
Why? Triathlon is fascinating. In many ways. Testing personal limits, during ones daily training - and taking it to the extreme at a race. Triathlon is intoxicating. You can thereof convince yourself every July at Roth. Those emotional memories you can make there are absolutely unique and unforgettable. Triathlon unites. During a race every athlete will fight for himself. During a race - and solely there. Outside the competition triathlon unites. Not only athletes, but also volunteers, fans, locals. Almost twenty years of sports gave me uncountable friendships around the world. I’m thankful for all of those experiences. 
That’s why my goal is not only to help an athlete to find the best version of themselves but also to convey the fascination of endurance sports and everything connected to it. To my biggest success I count two Age Group World Championship titles, two 5th ranks as a Professional triathlete (Challenge Roth & Ironman Malaysia), German national Title Long Distance a 2nd rank at the 24h-Mountainbike World Championships. My latest success are the finish of the Race Around Ireland Ultracycling Race (solo) and the 4-womens team record at Race Across America.

I was training with Brett Sutton for 3 years during the time I was a professional triathlete at TeamTBB. I studied arts and teaching. I'm a licensed triathlon coach (DTU C and B-Trainer) and a licensed Mountainbike coach.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

From my very beginning in endurance sports I benefited from coaches who had a lot of experience, who knew how to carefully build up a performance and bring an athlete to one’s best. I started to understand how important a coach is when I met Brett Sutton in 2009 and was able to work with him for three years. Just as I enjoyed working with him I now enjoy working with athletes myself.

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Christine is a fantastic coach for long-distance cycling!
She got me into shape for Paris-Brest-Paris within about 8 months. I could always ask advise on all aspects of the race, be it gear, nutrition, the mental side... Christine was highly responsive, took my feedback into account, and overall created a very personalized atmosphere. Would highly recommend her! 

Christine Bunte
7 months ago
Liebe Christine 
Vielen Dank für deine Nachricht. Ich werde Dir oder ich möchte Dir am Montag dich kontaktieren. Es gab Probleme mit dem Künden des bisherigen Partner... Ich werde mich melden. Wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Abend und bis bald. Lieber Gruss Joseph

Joseph Frick
over 1 year ago
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