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Coach Frank Heestermans

Arnhem, Netherlands

Frank has coached himself to a silver medal at the Dutch Championships Olympic distance at the elite level and has over 16 years  experience in triathlon. Along side his triathlon career he always worked as a coach in swimming, waterpolo, athletics, triathlon, football and modern pentathlon. Frank is now fully focused on coaching and works a lot with youth triathletes but also age grouper athletes from all levels. 


Training Squad: Frank Heestermans Coaching

Please contact Frank directly for coaching enquiries. 


Frank started as a swimmer and moved to triathlons when he was 14 because he loved the challenge. As a junior the focus was always on long-term development and in addition to triathlon he started running 800-1500-3000m track races to become faster for triathlon. Running soon became his strongest discipline, helping him towards his first podiums as a 21 year old at the Dutch Triathlon Championships in the U23 category. 
After studying 'Sports Management' he went to South Africa to train alongside World Champions who were trained by Brett Sutton where he learned a lot of lessons about training and racing. Then at 26 following all the lessons and inspiration training with Brett's athletes, he went on to win silver at the Dutch Championships at the elite level which was a surprise for everyone. Some decent results followed at the European Cup and African Cup and were combined with gaining some experience at the long-distance with Ironman South Africa, the legendary Embrunman in France and Challenge Madrid. 

Why do you work with Trisutto?

As an athlete and coach I was always searching for the best training methods. My own belief was that speed-work and hill-reps were very important and I thought that most triathletes were overtraining with too many slow miles. When I applied the Trisutto methodology to my training, I started to swim faster with less training and finally found the right mix/balance in triathlon as one sport.
I want to pass on the benefits I have found using the Trisutto training approach to help triathletes to become better, whilst still having fun! After studying the Trisutto Method I have learned about real coaching from Brett Sutton at training camps and gain so much from working with the best in the business.

What have you achieved in your coaching career?

3x Dutch Champion Triathlon/Duathlon youth category, 2x Dutch Champion Waterpolo elite men team, Dutch Champion Modern Pentathlon, Multiple youth podiums at Dutch Championships Swimming, Multiple Age group win/podiums Triathlon. 


I'm a national top level waterpolo player and came to Frank with my dream to finish an Ironman in my summer break from waterpolo. He was the best coach because he made an individual program to make use of my strengths as a good swimmer and strong guy on the bike but also saw the risk of getting injured from running. He helped me to increase my rythm and hold it after heavy cycling. We didn't ran as much as others but Always with good rythm and in combination with swimming and cycling so I learnt to run good on tired legs. I had good fun doing some short races but at the end of the summer my dream came true by finishing Ironman Mallorca in 10:47. 

Roel van de Vliert
over 2 years ago

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