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Coach Mary Beth Ellis 

Andover, USA

Mary Beth is one of the USA’s most decorated long distance triathletes. Over her career, MBE won a world championship title at the 2015 ITU long distance championships, won 11 Ironman titles around the globe - 7 in course record time, was 2nd at the 70.3 World Championships twice, and 5th at the Ironman World Championships.  MBE started her career racing short distance and was a member of the US National Team prior to racing long distance. 

Mary Beth is based out of Andover, Massachusetts.


Training Squad: Honey Badger Racing Squad

Please contact Mary Beth directly for coaching enquiries.


I have been racing triathlons since I was 28 years old when a diagnosis of osteoarthritis forced to me abandon marathon running for triathlon. I started my career racing ITU Olympic distance races as well as non-drafting Olympic distance events working with the US National team for four years. During this time I received tremendous support from USAT and was able to win a Pan American title, reach several cup podiums and compete in the World Championships. In 2008, I started racing 70.3 distance events and had success quickly with a 2nd at the World Championships in 2008 and 2009.


After an injury plagued 2010, I joined Brett Sutton in 2011 and embarked on my Ironman career. Together with Brett, I have won 10 Ironman titles, an ITU long distance world title, and finished in the top 5 at the Ironman World Championships. As an athlete who raced the Hawaii World Championships 5 times and making every mistake there I know what it takes for athletes to get there and succeed.


While I am just embarking on my coaching career, I have the best mentor in the sport with Brett Sutton. As an athlete, I have had the opportunity to learn from the top triathlete coach in the world and will continue to learn from him as I embark on my coaching career. From my home base in the USA, I look forward to passing on my knowledge to other athletes and relish the opportunity to help them succeed. I have been known as a tenacious honey badger in the triathlon scene for some time and I will definitely apply the same grit and determination to ensure that my athletes reach their goals. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I’m proud to join and use the principles of training that have been so successful with not only me but many of the world top champion athletes.


I absolutely enjoyed training with Mary Beth. She really customized my workouts to fit my needs. When I had a question she was always prompt with an answer. When I start training for another IM race she will be my coach again.

Mike Flanigan
10 months ago

Mary Beth has made me a better athlete, and from the beginning I have been 100% confident in our training program. With her experience as an athlete, she knows first-hand the workouts she plans and their consequences. Thank you very much for your work and for our IM 70.3 WC slot.

Pablo Sospedra Miro
about 1 year ago

Mary Beth brings her priceless experience from racing to complement her coaching that has an unique feeling for the athletes and their specific needs. Her "magical" eyes can catch things that will really male a difference on your training routine. Her professionalism and charisma are impressive. Totally recommend if you’re looking for a highly skilled coach with great people’s skills!

Guilherme Campos
over 2 years ago

Smart;  Motivating;  Compassionate;  Supportive.  Her athletic legacy infuses confidence and reliability into every session she prescribes.

Miriam Cole
over 2 years ago

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