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Coach Mateo Mercur

Boulder, USA

Mateo has been a professional triathlon coach for nearly 20 years. From 2006 through 2016 he was the Head Coach of the University of California Santa Barbara Triathlon Team. Mateo has trained three Age Group World Champions, an Age Group WC Silver Medalist, and the Ironman Maryland Women's Champion.


Based in Boulder, Colorado Mateo speaks English and Spanish.

Training Squad: Boulder Squad 

Please contact Mateo directly for coaching enquiries.


I began my coaching career as a swim coach in 1997. I’ve been coaching triathlon since 2003. In the spring of 2016 I completed my tenth year as Head Coach of the University of California Santa Barbara Triathlon Team. For nearly two decades, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a full range of athletes across the disciplines and distances. I’ve coached three Age Group World Champions, one at each distance; Olympic, 70.3, and Ironman, as well as the 2014 Ironman Maryland Champion. I use heart rate and pace along with power and feel to optimize performance in training and racing.


My approach places a strong emphasis on technique, mental focus, and specificity of purpose in order to maximize each training session, week, block, and phase. In 2014 I earned a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and I’m currently developing my thesis, Attachment Based Coaching: Neuroscience and the Integration of Heart and Soul in Sport, into a book for coaches and athletes. Building a strong coach-athlete relationship is an essential part of my approach to coaching. Whether an athlete is in my daily squad, at a training camp, or coached from distance, building quality communication and trust are key to that athlete’s success. I look forward to helping you achieve your triathlon and fitness goals.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I’ve been involved in the sport of triathlon for my entire life, starting as a junior, racing as an elite professional, and now full-time coaching. I tailor training for both newcomers and experienced veterans. Under my guidance, the University of California Santa Barbara Triathlon Team has consistently placed in the top ten at USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships. I first met Coach Sutton at a training camp in Cozumel while preparing my own athlete for the Ironman there. I felt an immediate affinity for Brett’s coaching style and the training methodology. I aim to be the best coach I can be and look forward to developing my High Performance and Age Group program in partnership with the world’s strongest triathlon coaching team.

What have you achieved in your coaching career?

I was Head Coach of the University of Santa Barbara Triathlon Team from 2006 through 2016. I've trained three Age Group World Champions, and Age Group WC Silver Medalist, and the Ironman Maryland Women's Champion.


Mateo has been a great coach and motivator! His close communication with the athlete makes you want to do your best in every session! He is there for you on the days you would rather stay on the sofa and motivates you to make the right decition and get the job done! He encourages questions and curriosity about training you might have and provides deep in depth answers. 
If you decide to place your faith in Mateo and his system of training he will guaranteed get you to the next level as am athelet! 

sondre halden
about 2 years ago

I really like training with Mateo and would continue doing so if I didn't have such an unpredictable work schedule every spring. I connect with his coaching approach and respond well to his enthusiasm on deck. It has been decades since I found a coach that I actually wanted to train with and felt that I was getting better due to the coaching style - enter Mateo. I fully intend to re-up my training to prepare for open water races this summer, which by the way, were not even on my to-do list until I started training with Mateo. I trusted him, he trusted that I could do it, so I did!

Jessie Kasynski
about 2 years ago

Mateo has been an amazing coach/friend/person for me to train under. I spoke with multiple coaches before deciding to train with Mateo and chose him because it was obvious that he cared not only about making you into an incredible athlete but also creating a confident and strong individual in their everyday life.  He took me from a successful 70.3 racer to racing my first full Ironman in Whistler, a race that had an over 20% drop out rate. Every time I had doubts, he was there to encourage but was always honest with me which I appreciated 100%.  If you're someone looking to try their first triathlon to someone looking to qualify for Kona, I highly recommend you talking with Mateo.

Patricia Laverty
over 2 years ago

I've been training with Mateo since I got arthroscopic knee surgery, and he has helped me immensely in my recovery. If it weren't for Mateo, in fact, I probably would not be where I am today. After 4 months, I'm able to run, jump, and do most of the things that I'd like to be doing. He was tireless in his devotion to helping me recover, and showed more concern for my well-being than any coach I've ever had in my athletic career (I've been competing for over 25 years).

Jaala Shaw
over 2 years ago

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