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A Trisutto Christmas gift - here & now

As we head into the festive season we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support. We offer our best wishes for the holidays while sending a little message for contemplation as we all look forward to the coming year. During these trying times, I've noticed the 'new' trend exploding of 'Crisis coaches'. While it amuses me, I can only say that we view ourselves as being triathlon crisis coaches, and have been doing so for a very long time! Our clients are usually athletes, both fast and slow, that have hit a brick wall in their improvement in swimming, bike, run or triathlon in general when using 'traditional' training protocols.

Our success has come from solutions we provide to stimulate improvement using nothing more than logic and common sense. The first step in breaking down those brick walls is to offer the general triathlon public structured plans to help organise your training. This Christmas we are offering those plans at 20% discount on every plan we do. A small gift to help individuals who don't want to work with a coach but have a guide to self improvement.

The message I want to pass on to you is a simple one, and is overlooked by so many in their planning.

The notes I receive from athletes - 'I'm 100% focused but I'm just not improving' is near a cliché for me and my team. I ask this question of you, as you plan forward:

'do you really know what 100% focused actually is?'

No, I'm not talking of work done, nor one's dedication or for that matter your self discipline. At Trisutto we believe anyone doing triathlon and its training hardships, which are many, has a much higher work ethic, dedication or discipline than the vast majority of people. That is a given here. However having the above doesn't mean you're focused 100%.

Here is what I have found in large amounts of my dialogue with athletes of all abilities:

When I discuss focus I can report nearly all start talking to me about the past. We call this 'rear vision mirror complex'.

They then move on quite quickly talking of their 'future' wishes of where they would like to be, races they want to do. I call this the 'hopium complex'.

Once those two imposters are off their chest they move to the training... I do this, I do that...then they relate that back to what they did in the past, good or bad, and why they think certain protocols may work for them in the future.

When I try to steer the conversation back to what I think is most important -

  • What did you do yesterday?

  • What are you doing today?

  • What do you propose to do tomorrow?

These are brushed over so quickly that my head spins. Most times these are not even answered. They go straight on to their future plans.

Can you see my point?!

If I'm being generous, very generous, people spend 33% of their time focused on the past, 33% of time focused on what they want to do in the future, 33% on what they are doing now. Yes, 100% focus, but is it really?

We have been asked a million times about our periodisation thoughts. Can you send them? I'm telling you right here, if you follow our protocol that I use for all athletes, not just the champions, you will improve. We call it the 'NOW method'.

Yes we look at what we would like to achieve.

Yes we look at the past, but it's very fleeting.

And we hone in like a laser focusing on the 3 day window.

Then on the sessions we do on one day, that is the day at hand for training. That day of training is developed from knowing what we did yesterday and what we want to do tomorrow. That is what we focus on 100% on our training day. The one thing we have total control over.

Some can do that better than others. It's no coincidence for me the ones that learn to do it best are the ones that improve most.

Just the way I see it.

Best wishes for the festive season.


Visit for Training Sets and Plans available for purchase

(*Apply promo code xmas2021 for 20% discount on all training plans)

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