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Coming out of lockdown anxiety

We have all been training indoors, with many feeling very frustrated. I have noticed that as each country starts to talk about easing restrictions, and giving some prospective dates, many athletes are showing signs of anxiety due to the hope of getting to a pool, or a run or bike outside. Before you start thinking he is nuts, we are all happy and looking forward to getting outside, yes and no. I have noticed that training has dropped off while there is a lot of talk. Taking the eyes off the ball that is in front of them. Some countries have dialled back the dates and the forlorn thoughts of 'I've got more time to continue this indoor but...' It has a real negative impact. There is a growing obsession with what races will be available, when and where will they be. All races are going to be at least 4 more months away - at least. Meanwhile many are not concentrating on what they have to do in the next week that will allow that, when things eventually open up. The next problem built by the lock down is overestimating our own abilities, setting very high goals for these fictitious race's that will happen in an uncertain future that could be 6 months away, not in the next 4 days. Anybody following me knows that I'm very negative on the frenzy of aiming too high! Let me be clear, there is a very good reason experienced from 45 years of coaching, and that is out of size goals kill, I repeat kill the athlete side of 90% of the individuals. They are never happy with what they have done and what they are doing; it becomes their own burden. We preach one day at a time, concentrate on the next workout / session, not just swim, bike or run workouts but also rest time and family time. If you work to this principle you will overcome the above listed disasters waiting to happen to you. Everybody talks of motivation, 'coach send me some motivational talks that you like for us to be happy in this time...' Let me be a little indulgent but like most I've tried to work out what happiness is. I can only give you my take, that it is not material goods. I'm now working with 'successful' age groupers, and I can attest some are in our sport because that 'success' didn't satisfy them. I've trained super champs, who after reaching the top still are not happy every day, which makes me sad. However it has helped me to think that real happiness is personal contentment. Each day we feel pleased by enjoying what we do. So my advice is to not fall for the lock down anxiety but be pleased with what you have done in the day just passed. Plan your tomorrow, and put your head on your pillow, content with your present circumstances and how you spent your day dealing with them; while looking forward to what you're going to do tomorrow. That's the way I would advise your strategy for dealing with what we have to deal with in this very difficult time. Just the way I see it! Best of health

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