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Mentor Coach Rob Pickard

Updated: May 31, 2021

We re-publish this blog from 2016, about Trisutto coach Rob Pickard. Rob is the mentor coach for our Trisutto Coaching Certification as well as being a great personal friend.

It is not just with great pleasure, but great honour to announce that Rob Pickard will be joining in a full-time coaching capacity.

I have known and worked with Rob for over 26 years.

A giant of Australian Triathlon, Rob oversaw the most successful period of Australia’s triathlon dominance in the late 90s. He served as the first National Coaching Director of Triathlon Australia, then later as the High Performance Manager when I was National Coach and a very young Darren Smith was sports science co-ordinator.

Rob has since worked as the National Coach to the Indian, Thailand and Philippine triathlon teams while helping to set up the coaching accreditation programs in each of those countries.

Rob helped both Dr Darren Smith and myself gain our triathlon legs as it were. He was an excellent mentor and I’m very grateful for his experience as we continue to expand our coaching roster of young, motivated and enthusiastic coaches.

His experience in putting together internationally recognised coaching courses will also be invaluable as we continue to build and formalise our triathlon coaching resources and services. While working for Triathlon Australia, Rob designed and conducted the first and subsequent Level Two Triathlon coaching courses; revised the Level One manual; designed and developed the Level 3 Coaching Curriculum.

These manuals and curriculums are now used by the International Triathlon Union.

Finally, Rob holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and is a former Age Group World Champion himself.

So one can see why is excited to sign up one of the best minds in world triathlon.

Rob will run training camps from his beautiful base in Berry, on the NSW South Coast, and be traveling to overseas camps. He will provide mentoring advice to our growing list of coaches while also taking on a limited number of online athletes to those who would like to to avail themselves to the experience of one of the all time great coaches in triathlon.

Welcome Rob. We can’t wait to give you a place where your undoubted experience and success will be valued.


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