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Vikings conquer Normandy

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Barbara Riveros Brett Sutton trisutto triathlon Triathlon Deauville Normandie

Always up for a challenge Pepper Riveros boarded the 12 hour train trip from her training base in St Moritz to Normandy, France to take on the 11th running of the legendary Triathlon Deauville Normandie.

The race conditions did not disappoint. Extreme heat, hills and winds that really tested the athletes. Leading out of the water, Pepper got to work over the hilly bike course and put her competitors to the sword. This was not for the faint of heart with 2 x 45km laps of non stop hills and 1200m of elevation.

The run was always going to be a test of mental and physical survival in the heat (40C) and wind. With a solid lead off the bike, Pepper kept her competitors at bay to take the win in style.

Well done Barb, a true professional performance. Travelling 12 hours by train on Thursday, racing in the extreme conditions on Saturday, then travelling 12 hours back to base on Sunday.

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