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Read Head Coach Sutton's blog this morning (re: If it works, it doesn't get old) ... And would like to share that about 2-3 weeks ago I qualified for Kona 2022 at the IM Indiana ... The organization was great, the venue was very nice and, as you could guess, I sticked to almost the exact same training plans (from the Trisutto training systems) I used 5-10 yrs ago ... They worked back then and they worked again 2-3 weeks ago !

"My two cents"

Thanks to the Trisutto training system (with coach Matt O'Halloran, a canadian then based in the Philippines), I earned my ticket to Kona in 2013 ... I was one of the first to follow/support Head Coach Sutton in his new adventure in 2014 (albeit virtually from Canada but wholeheartedly) ... And today (at 61 yo), I am still having fun training and trying to be the best I can be every day ... Thank you for it all : )


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