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Since I started with Triathlon, and after many years within other endurance sports (motorally racing, mtb , rowing, trail run), I understand that triathlon is a lifestyle. In my case adpoting this lifestyle comes with various other development factors such as creating value through sports for helping people to achieve their own goals, in a step by step process. I am 58 years old, and after many years doing sports, facing successes and frustration, happiness and sadness, good days and bad day, now i think is time to give back, and the best way I found is sports, and the best method for me is the Trisutto Thinking Way. I did race the Dakar Rally twice, race many enduro motor bike races, multiple rowing championships, many mtb races marathon types, all of them has some in common: dedication, conviction, believe in your self, consistency therefore match perfect with Trisutto Thinking Way

erickmeiermartinez "Progressive Triathlon"
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