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Base Training Plan

Follow our base training plan at home with fellow Sutto Squad Online athletes. A 14 day rolling base plan catering to all levels of Age Group athlete, beginner through to advanced. Workouts will be varied each week while maintaining the structure and volume of the program -simple -effective -ticks all the boxes. Guidelines on training intensity are provided and explained in detail. The 14 day rolling base plan builds triathlon specific strength and speed.  It can be followed indefinitely, allowing athletes to race effectively up to Olympic distance.  The plan will be updated in 7 day, or ‘weekly’ blocks, however, it is designed so that athletes can commence on any given day of the week, how best suits their personal circumstances. We can’t aerobically improve for more than 20 weeks of work
. What we can do is improve our speed.
 What we can do is improve our strength. What we can do is improve our technique. These improvements will stay with us for when we start going long. For athletes looking to race a 70.3 or Ironman distance event, it is the perfect base plan to follow as the early lead into their race.
 Using the principles of reverse periodisation, Half Iron and Iron distance athletes are well situated to build into a higher volume plan in the 2 months prior to their event.

Members Forum

Our community town square, to share knowledge, discuss training and make friends with fellow members. Offer advice and support to fellow members who are following the same training - together we rise higher. Coaches Brett, Susie and Robbie are on hand to offer training advice.

Top Tips

Those small insights that make a big difference 


Video podcast with Sutto giving his thoughts on today's hot topics in triathlon. Content you won't find anywhere else! Also includes your questions answered. 

Training Blogs

300+ articles by Sutto covering aspects of training, motivation, nutrition, and race preparation.

Exclusive Video Content

Experience Sutto in full flight in clips taken at training camps around the world. Content not available anywhere else! 

Stories from the Trenches

The entertaining stories that come from 50+ years on deck coaching over 400 athletes

Discount / Rewards

50% discount on Trisutto Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman training plans. Rewards for loyal followers through individual swim / bike / run technique analysis.

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