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Our base plan is presented 2 weeks at a time. The structure and volume will remain consistent through a rolling 14 day program. It is simple to follow with on-going variety in workouts as the weeks pass by.

The success of the plan is built around repetition and consistency. The success comes from creating a routine that can be repeated day-after-day, week-after-week.  More is not better if consistency is compromised.

Training Guidelines
Understand our training intensities and how we incorporate rest days into the plan.

Choosing a start day

Workouts are scheduled from Day 1 through to Day 14 for any given 2 week period.

The longest days in total workout time is Day 6 and Day 13 (long ride).  Use this as the basis of choosing your start day. (ie: Day 1 does not have to be on a 'Monday', it can be any day of the week as best suits your personal circumstances).


Once a start day is established, proceed forwards day-by-day. Follow the days in sequence, and avoid chopping and changing the daily order. If unable to complete a day, do not try and cram it in later in the week. Miss the day, forget about it, and move on to the next one.

Choose your training level

Choose your level, Basic or Advanced based on the guidelines below.

It’s OK to shorten workouts if necessary to keep your consistency. If your current fitness level or the hours you want to train falls between the two levels of training plan, it is perfectly ok to pick the shorter workout option one day, and the longer workout option another day. 

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Sutto Squad BASE PLAN