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Brett Sutton started his first swim squad in the early 1970s when he was aged 14 and went on to achieve success at age, national and international levels. In 1990 he started coaching age group triathletes, and quickly found success as athletes progressed to professional level. Results continued including Olympic medals, and multiple World, ITU and Ironman Champions.

Making the sport available to all, and as a vehicle to enrich peoples lives regardless of wealth or other opportunity has been the driving force in the many athlete development and social projects Brett has founded.

Bringing his coaching knowledge to the triathlon public drove the founding of with Susie Langley and Robbie Haywood in 2014. The world's best experience and knowledge available via training plans, personal coaching, training camps, coach training and certification; as well as 350+ blogs on all aspects of our sport freely available to everyone.

Nicola Spirig Brett Sutton Triathlon trisutto

We have completely different view, but we have a lot of respect for each other. I think he is the best coach in the world. I've seen him do amazing things, not just with me but with other athletes too. We have the same goals, to win an Olympic gold, and we both know we're doing 100% to achieve it.

- Nicola Spirig, Olympic Champion


1996 Cleveland ITU World Champion
1999 Montreal ITU World Champion
1990 First TRISUTTO squad formed
1998 Lausanne ITU World Champion


2000 Sydney Olympic Game Bronze, 5th, 10th
2001 Edmonton ITU World Champion
2002 Nice ITU World LC Champion
2003 Queenstown ITU World Champion
2004 Immenstadt ITU World LC Champion
2006 Lausanne ITU World Champion
2004 Athens Olympic Games Silver
2006 Canberra ITU World LC Champion
2007 Hawaii Ironman 1st, 5th, 9th, 10th
2008 Beijing Olympics 6th
2008 Almere ITU World LC Champion
2008 Hawaii Ironman 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th
2009 Hawaii Ironman 4th, 5th



2010 Athlone European Champion
2010 Hawaii Ironman 2nd
2010 Clearwater 70.3 World Champion 
2010 Immenstadt ITU World LC Champion
2011 Hawaii Ironman 5th
2012 London Olympic Games Gold
2012 Hawaii Ironman 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th
2012 Eilat European Champion
2013 Hawaii Ironman 4th, 5th
2014 Kitzbuhl European Champion
2014 Hawaii Ironman 2nd 
2015 Baku European Games Champion
2015 Geneva European Champion
2015 Hawaii Ironman 1st
2016 Hawaii Ironman 1st
2012 Vitoria-Gasteiz ITU World LC Champion
2012 Santiago South American Games Champion
2013 Weisbaden 70.3 European Champion
2014 Mont -Tremblant 70.3 World Champion 
2015 Zell am See 70.3 World Champion 
2015 Motala ITU World LC Champion
2016 Rio Olympic Games Silver
2017 Chattanooga 70.3 World Champion 
2018 Port Elizabeth 70.3 World Champion 
2017 Hawaii Ironman 1st, 5th
2018 Cochabamba South America Games Champion
2018 Hawaii Ironman 1st
2018 Glasgow European Champion
2019 Nice 70.3 World Champion 
2021 Valencia European Champion
2021 Walchsee European MD Champion
2021 Tokyo Olympic Games 6th, 9th
2021 Almere World Championship LC Bronze
2021 Kitzbuel European Sprint Champion
2009 Holten European Champion
2015 Triple Crown 
Head Coach China Triathlon Federation 
Head Coach Australian Triathlon Federation 
Consultant Swiss Triathlon Federation 
2014 launched
2018 Fyn World Championship LC Silver
2014 Weisbaden 70.3 European Champion
2018 Frankfurt Ironman European Champion
2015 Frankfurt Ironman European Champion
2022 Dresden Sub 8
2013 North American Ironman Champion



2008 Frankfurt Ironman European Champion
2023 Iron Distance World Record Challenge Roth 
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