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My goal is to make the training methodologies that have helped so many athletes become Olympic, World and Ironman Champions available to all members of the triathlon public.
- Brett Sutton
Trisutto is committed to providing athletes and coaches with the world's best triathlon coaching service. This includes the training and development of the world's best coaches.
Here you will learn the approach and training philosophies of triathlon's most successful coaching methodology.

The Trisutto Coaching Certification goes beyond other online courses as we believe that coaching is a lifelong commitment to learning and improving ones skills. As such, the certification program involves three key aspects:


1) Online Learning Module

You will learn the Coaching Methodology and approach that has produced Ironman, World and Olympic Champions. A comprehensive 20 module course that takes you through all aspects of triathlon and performance coaching.

2) Feedback for review

Short answer questions at the end of most chapters are required to be submitted for review and feedback to ensure you are understanding and learning the content.

3) Mentorship while studying with a Senior Trisutto Coach

Coaches complete a mentorship period with a senior coach, maintaining online contact with their mentor, who will review and provide feedback to their short answer questions (2 above). As part of their accreditation coaches need to supply a 3 month training program either week by week, previous to or after their athlete has completed the workouts. Backgrounds (age, time in sport, achievements, ability level) of the athlete need to be included, plus training goals.

Our mentor coach is a guide for feedback, discussion, review of your coursework and the improvement of your all-round coaching ability.


Rob Pickard oversaw the most successful period of Australia’s triathlon dominance in the late 90s. He served as the first National Coaching Director of Triathlon Australia, then later as the High Performance Manager. Rob has since worked as the National Coach to the Indian, Thailand and Philippine triathlon teams while helping to set up the coaching accreditation programs in each of those countries.

While working for Triathlon Australia, Rob designed and conducted the first and subsequent Level Two Triathlon coaching courses; revised the Level One manual; designed and developed the Level 3 Coaching Curriculum. These manuals are now used by the International Triathlon Union. Rob holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and is a former Age Group World Champion himself.

Rob Pickard Trisutto coaching certification


Can anyone sign up to the Trisutto accreditation course?

Yes, all coaches (or athletes looking to know more about coaching) can sign up to the certification. No prior knowledge is assumed. Estimated time is 1 hour per module (20 hours), plus 10 hours for completion of the final training plan.

How long does the certification take?

Coaches should ideally aim to complete the Online Course + Mentoring within 12 weeks (3 months), although if you require longer that is also fine. 

How long do I have access to the course?

Lifetime access. The mission of the Trisutto Coaching is to provide a platform for professional coaching growth and development. Use the course as a resource for your own coaching and come back to it as often as you need. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across all devices you own.


Do I automatically become a Trisutto Coach on completion of the course?

Coaches who complete the course can advertise themselves as having completed the Trisutto coaching certification / mentorship program. You will receive a 'certificate' stating such, and can use the 'Trisutto Coaching Certified' logo on your website. Additional options post certification may be available - please contact after graduation.


Is attendance at training camps included?

Training camps are no longer included in the Trisutto Coaching Certification. This is to allow more coaches the option to complete our certification - in a shorter timeframe, at reduced cost, and without the uncertainties around the ongoing Covid-10 restrictions around international travel.

Can I see a list of the course modules?

Yes, there is a list of modules to be studied in the 20 chapter course, and example videos from the course at

How much is the fee?

The fee is $799 USD and enrolment details are below. 


Please complete your purchase below (Sign up). The enrolment fee is $799 USD.
We look forward to welcoming you, and sending your username and password by email. You will then be able to login and commence the course at We will also introduce you to your mentor coach Rob Pickard. 


Really enjoyed the course. I have learned a lot of new ideas, methods and perspectives that I have already implemented in my coaching.  I will highly recommend the course to anyone aspiring to become a coach.


Thank you Brett, Robbie and Rob. This was one of the best, if not the best courses I have taken. Thank you for all you do.


Thank you for your support! I really enjoyed this course, engaging, informative and fun. The mentor / mentee part really stands out compared to other online courses. It was forcing me to look for answers, read the course again, search, etc. Basically to think. 


I want to reiterate that for me this is a huge satisfaction, because I think Trisutto is the best in the world as a coaching academy. The presence of coach Rob during my syllabus was a great help to me and knowing that I was followed by a mentor of this level allowed me to perfect my preparation to the fullest!
Just like in IronMan races, the course was challenging, but when you are under the finish you wish it would never end! :)


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