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Coach Ali Brown 

Ali Brown
Worcester, UK

I’ve had over 10 years involvement in Triathlon as an athlete and a coach. As a coach I am passionate about developing people to ultimately unlock performance. I also understand what it’s like being an athlete having performed at age-group level with podium finishes and racing in European/World Championships.  I am extremely proud to be a part of the Trisutto team. 

Ali is based in Worcester, England.

Training squad:

Please contact Ali directly for coaching enquiries.


After years of unfulfilling jobs, I decided that the way forward for me was to break free from the corporate wheel and forge my own path. I was no longer suited to the ‘behind a desk wearing a suit’ type job and I wanted to take more control of my life. 


I was always good at working with a range of different people and being able to understand them. I would always find myself doing staff training and teaching others because I can communicate and portray things well. At the same time, I was competing in Duathlon, Triathlon and long endurance races and understood the world of sport. Therefore, the conclusion I came to was to mesh together my useful personal traits and skills with a sport I was interested in. 


I decided to become a coach and set my sights on making it my profession. It’s never easy starting up as a coach but as Arnold Schwarzenegger said as a route to success - “have a clear vision” and “don’t listen to the naysayers”. My vision is clear, and I am focussed on getting a step closer every day. There will always be naysayers in life, and I am a realistic person, and I choose to ignore them. I am just as motivated, as a coach, as the people I work with and seeing their athletic development unfold gives me an incredibly satisfying feeling. 


I am an age-group athlete myself, which has aided my understanding of the sport and its culture. However, I believe that there is little correlation between being a good athlete and a good coach. One doesn’t go hand in hand with the other and therefore, I tend to keep ‘athlete me’ and ‘coach me’ separate so I can fully focus on one thing at a time. 

Why do you work with Trisutto?

Before I discovered Trisutto I was on the verge of quitting the sport because I struggled to make sense of the approaches to coaching and training that I had seen so far. When I started to train following the Trisutto principles, everything clicked, made sense and I not only found my enjoyment for the sport once again, but I started to perform at a much higher level than I was doing previously. 


I put time and effort into understanding everything about Trisutto. I read every blog post in the archive (there are a lot!) and signed up to become a Trisutto Certified Coach because I believed in the approach. 


I found a group of athletes and I saw dramatic results by implementing this different way of training to what they had tried before. I took the bull by the horns, was pragmatic in changing many things and got rid of all the fluff that was harming or getting in the way of their progress. I experienced a huge sense of satisfaction and contentment watching this group develop which only solidified my initial beliefs. 


I love how universal the approach is and that a total beginner trains in the same way as a professional athlete. It keeps it simple, strips away every possibility of overcomplication and is very effective. We need not look to modern technology and gadgets to find shortcuts to success. In-fact, doing so takes you further away from a successful mindset. First and foremost, the improvements should come from within oneself and the equipment supplements this in a race. As Brett Sutton says, by trying to find external “free speed” you are neglecting the fact that your true and real speed comes from within. 

What have you achieved in your coaching career?

I have helped people achieve things that they didn’t think was possible. Firstly, by challenging their mindsets and the limits they had imposed on themselves. Secondly, by implementing the Trisutto method and everything I have learned. This has resulted in people getting PB’s after many years of the athletes thinking they were in decline and could “never get that fast again”; well to that I say, “you can go faster!”. And they have. 


I have helped athletes complete their first IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 events in incredible fashion, achieve major Marathon qualifying times whilst in IRONMAN training, break through mental ruts to achieve PB’s after many years of difficulty, find a sustainable and healthy work-life-training balance and do what they thought they couldn’t do. 


This has been achieved by not focusing on the numbers, but by staying focussed on the training philosophy and methodology we follow at Trisutto. For me, the best achievements are not the times and the finishing positions, but the difference you make on someone’s life and witnessing so much physical and mental personal development; to which, performance will naturally come as a secondary biproduct. 


I have also formed an Under 18’s Triathlon Development Team where I work closely with young people and their parents to help develop future talent in triathlon. I see it as a long-term project in which I can guide and nurture exciting potential and I am proud of the progress the group has made following the Trisutto method.


Honest, open and authentic coaching - anyone can be an ‘athlete’ in Ali’s eyes, but he is the guy to get you there! 


All Ali expects is that I do what I can. This has lightened my mental load and also meant I perform better.


He drives high standards but is adaptable. He’s passionate and invested in us as people and athletes.


Ali makes it all very person centred, which as a counsellor I feel is really important, and there is no judgement at all.


I like his straight forward, honest and dedicated approach.


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