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Head Coach Brett Sutton

The coach of many of the sport’s icons over the past 35 years, including Olympic gold and silver medalist Nicola Spirig, and five time Ironman World Champion Daniela Ryf.


Brett Sutton has coached three different individual Olympic medal winners, 16 ITU world champions and his athletes have amassed 200 plus 70.3 and Ironman championships. 


The same principles Brett uses to coach champions are adapted for his age group, development pro and elite pro athletes. Coaching takes into account that every athlete is unique, and has their own abilities and circumstances - especially working age group athletes, and working development pros.


Professional and Age Group Coaching with Brett Sutton
Brett Sutton Triathlon Coach Coaching Professional Age Group trisutto

Every athlete whether pro or age group, fast or slow, has the same access to Brett, and becomes part of his training group. Communication is daily with feedback helping to provide training individually catered to each athlete. 

Currently there are athletes from 14 countries in Brett's training group. 


Techniques in swim, bike and run are reviewed, and changed as required. Swim equipment, run shoes and bike fit are all assessed and advised on what is the best for each athlete. This is done via video feedback and/or when attending training camp with Brett. 


With the high level of communication, training is able to be delivered 2 or 3 days at a time, or as best works for each athlete. It is designed to incorporate commitments in other areas - work, family, business travel, etc.  Changes to the schedule can be made based on feedback or unplanned events. 


European summer training camp is available for Brett's private athletes - pro and age group. These generally run for all of June, July and August. Athletes can stay for one week or as long as they prefer. There are no additional fees for attending camp, however athletes make their own travel and accommodation bookings. Age group athletes who work online while at training camp have this factored into their training schedule, so they can continue to work while attending camp.  

Coaching fees are $999 USD per month.


Have additional questions, or want to join? Please email Robbie at


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