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Coach Cali Amaral 

Sao Carlos, Brazil

Cali Amaral is a former Brazilian Olympic and National Head Coach. During his coaching career he has guided many of Brazil’s best, including Pan American Champion Reinaldo Colucci. He worked directly with Brett Sutton for 10 years and has co-hosted professional and age group camps with Brett in Brazil.

Training Squad: Cali Amaral Coaching

Please contact Cali directly for coaching enquiries.


I started my career as a professional soccer player in Brazil. After I became a swimming coach and then finally triathlon coach. As a triathlon coach and high performance manager I have represented my country around the world:

  • 1999 Pan America Games

  • 2000 Sydney Olympic Games

  • 2003 Pan American Games Dominican Republic

  • 2004 Athens Olympic Games

  • 2007 Rio Pan American Games in Rio

  • 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

  • 2011 Pan American Games of Guadalajara

  • 2012 London Olympic Games


Over my career I worked directly with Brett Sutton and using coaching methodology to help age-group triathletes and develop junior athletes through youth social projects. I was elected Sports Personality of Sao Paulo CREF. During the 8 years I had the privilege to organize camps in Brazil with Brett, we had many importants triathletes comes to our camps and show a great example to our Brazilian youth and triathlon scene. Some who came were Nicola Spirig, Emma Snowsill, Lisbeth Kristensen, Craig Walton, Andrew Johns, Bella and Stephen Bayliss, Annie Emmerson, Matt Reed, Liz Blatchford, Rebeca Preston, Hilary Biscay, Cedric Deanaz, Benjamin Sanson, Jane Fardell, Silvan Dodet and others! As the sport of triathlon and Ironman builds again in Brazil, I will build a strong age-group, junior and professional squad to showcase how strong we can be once again!

Why do you work with Trisutto?

In 2001 at the Triathlon World Championship in Canada I had opportunity to meet Brett Sutton. Almost immediately after being offered the chance I went to Coach with him in Switzerland and we decided to organise a Camp in Brazil. For 8 years we have been working together and I learned a lot from Brett Sutton. He gave me every training guideline and methodology that I needed to improve my knowledge and skills in the Olympic, World, Ironman training. He was also a big part in my inspiration to start our triathlon Social Project with 450 kids.

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