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Coach Carson Christen 

Iowa, USA

Carson is a sport scientist and professional endurance coach. He holds a Masters Degree in Sports Physiology and has been a professional coach for 8 years. He has coached professional triathlon victories as well as National Champion and Olympic cyclists.


Carson is based in Iowa, USA and speaks English and German.

Training Squad: Torden Multisport 

Please contact Carson directly for coaching enquiries.


I have been a professional endurance coach for 10 years, having lived in the USA, Germany, and Taiwan.

This have given me extensive knowledge into the similarities and differences of racing on different

continents and the requirements to be successful in each. I rely heavily on the science aspect of sport, but I

find it so important to look past the numbers and truly get to know an athlete and find out what works for

them psychologically and socially to create the ultimate coach-athlete experience and performance. This is

why I sought out Trisutto and I look forward to continue learning from Brett and the Trisutto staff as part

of the coaching team.


Growing up in the Midwest, USA football, baseball, and wrestling were the traditional sports we took part

in. However I always had a love for the water, and luckily I choose the path to swim competitively. I swam

for 4 years at University and also took up bike racing whilst I was studying Sport Science and Biology.

Upon completing a Masters degree in Sport Physiology I understood the underlying principles of how the

human body works. It was also during my time in my Masters program that I started running, in turn

discovering the sport of triathlon.

After graduating from University, I accepted a position as coach and sport scientist for a company in

Boulder, Colorado. For 5 years, I had the privilege to learn from some of the best coaches and athletes in

Colorado and around the country. I have coached 5 professional triathlon victories, and I was also given the

role of coach for the Cycling Academy Pro Cycling team during the 2016 season. During this year, I also

coached 4 National Champions and 1 Olympic qualifier. I look forward to working with you towards your

goals, big or small!

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I discovered a passion for long course triathlon, and whilst competing myself, have found immense happiness being a professional coach and working with athletes from all over the world, towards whatever goals they have. Having utilized the Trisutto methods myself, I understand why the group is the most successful group in the world. The price you must pay for success in sport is hard work. There is no magic powder or golden ticket. I want to instill this in the minds of my athletes, and show them that consistency is king, and they must work towards the 99% they can control before they look at the 1%’ers. These are the guidelines I’ve always used, and reinforces my desire to work with TriSutto.

What have you achieved in your coaching career?

10 Years as Professional Endurance Coach

5x Professional Triathlon Victories (Norseman XTri / Challenge / Ironman / Xterra),

Multi-Nationality Cycling National Champions (Namibia, Israel, USA, Slovakia),

Coach of German Olympic Bronze Medal (Deaf Olympics Cycling), and Rio Olympic Games

Cyclist (Namibia),

Amateur victories and podiums at the Short to Long Course / Xterra / Duathlon disciplines.


I was coached between 2012 and 2016 by a different company and was only achieving mediocre results despite focussed and dedicated training. I moved over to Carson in 2016 and he immediately saw key areas to improve and by 2018 I had achieved a life goal to qualify and race in the 70.3 World Championship. Carson's dedication to his athletes is second to none and access to him almost at anytime is unique. His responsiveness and feedback to uploaded training sessions is very timely and he adapts  your training programs according to your circumstances. You would be hard pressed to find a better coach.

Lee Melling
5 months ago

I have been with Carson for about 5 years. He has been amazing with tailor made workouts specific to my needs, age, and time available. I have dropped PR's in the 5K and my 2 mile. His communication with me was the best an athlete could hope for. He guided me through the entire adventure of running. I highly recommend him for any degree of running!  Love you brother!

David Delgado
9 months ago

Carson is a very knowledgeable and prepared coach. No matter distance or goals you have you can be in piece of mind he will lead you towards your goals with great professionalism and taking care of "all the small things" that are important to get your performing well on race day!

Guilherme Muglia
about 1 year ago

Carson is a fantastic coach, great communicator!

Steven Brandes
about 2 years ago

Carson hat mich im Oktober 2018 erstmals gecoacht. Ich schätze ihn sehr, sowohl als Typ, als auch als Coach.
Das individuelle und abwechslungsreiche Training hat mir wahnsinnig viel Spaß gemacht und ich habe mich insbesondere beim Schwimmen bereits nach den ersten Wochen verbessert.
Leider zwingt mich ein schwerer Rennrad-Unfall seit Anfang November eine Pause einzulegen. Sobald ich wieder fit bin, werde ich das Coaching mit Carson definitiv wieder aufnehmen.

Jürgen Röder
over 2 years ago

Very nice person.   I had trouble maintaining the schedule due to my busy lifestyle, but Christen was very understanding & responsive.   He is very knowledgeable and I have only heard good things from others here in the fitness mecca of the world- Boulder, CO.  I will pick up training with him again if my schedule permits!

Patricia McGrane
over 2 years ago

I started with Coach Carson 2 years ago. Since then I have improved my performance in a way I never could imagine. He´s always available for any inconvenience and he has adapted my training and schedule in the best way when is necessary.

Gustavo Beathyate
over 2 years ago

The Trisutto training method is the best. It's simple, straightforward and effective. Carson is very responsive and friendly, definitely knows his stuff. Despite not having raced yet, I feel the improvements in my fitness week after week.

erick meier
over 2 years ago

After a deep search all roads end up with Trisutto Training , and after a brief conversation with Robbie he advise me to join Carson Athletes group, and for me this is the BEST recommendation, communication which i find THE KEY with your coach is excellent and on top of that the approach to transfer our conversations into a plan. I do feel that success will come as a consecuence of this working together, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT

Carlos Martinez Rodriguez
over 2 years ago

I started with Coach Carson 2 years ago. Since then I have improved my performance in a way I never could imagine. He´s always available for any inconvenience and he has adapted my training and schedule in the best way when is necessary.

Georgi Zai
over 2 years ago

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