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Coach Christian Nitschke 

Rostock, Germany

Christian is 7x Iron distance winner with a PB of 8:17. A former member of TeamTBB he was coached according to training principles during the major part of his career. Married with two children his strength is understanding the demands of work / family.


Christian is based in Rostock, Germany and speaks Norwegian, English and German.

Training Squad: Christian Multisport Coaching

Please contact Christian directly for coaching enquiries.


The sporting career of the 31 year-old German can be considered quite short since I was a self-admitted ‘couch potato’ until the age of 16. At that age I spent one year as an exchange student in Norway, where I was assigned to the same grade at school as my host brother. Fortunately it was a sport grade, and so I began with typical winter sports like cross country and downhill skiing. I then became a little bit more serious in a sport called “Telemark”, which can be described as downhill skiing where just the forefoot is fixed to the ski. Back home I began with some running in order to prepare for my 18th birthday present, which was a trip to Tanzania with a Kilimanjaro “hike” as highlight! Later my girlfriend (and later wife) was swimming regularly and we did some bike tours together. In 2004 a friend of ours suggested to participate in an inaugural triathlon event nearby. We did and were hooked. I joined the local triathlon club in 2006 to learn the crawl stroke in order to improve the swim leg a little bit.


Over the years it became more and more obvious that I was talented for long distance endurance events. In 2007 I won the first marathon I ever competed in. Then I finished my first iron distance race in 2008 at the age of 23 years within 9hrs20min and placed in the top 10 overall. After getting my Master’s degree in solid state chemistry in autumn 2009, I decided to turn professional in 2010. According to this motto “In life you should not pursue goals that are easily achieved, develop an instinct for what can be only just achieved through your greatest efforts.” the goal was to prepare just for one main event in Germany in order to win that race. I achieved this goal by winning the Ostseeman Triathlon in 2010 with a new race record time of 8hrs27min. It was a fortunate coincidence that there I met Jo Spindler, a member of teamTBB and now the Head European Coach for Trisutto, who was second in that race. Jo asked me if I could imagine developing my talent to join the team. A dream came true! Brett Sutton and Jo Spindler were my coaches for the most parts of my athletic career since.


I’ve been married since 2008 and have two kids at the age of six and eight years. My family is the main source of motivation. I really understand how important it is to keep the balance between the tasks of working, training and family life. I have coached some athletes already during the past years besides racing professional. My coaching experience ranges from preparing juniors for their first triathlon to a 9:45 Ironman Rookie just recently. I have also prepared some athletes for draft legal races in the second Federal Triathlon League of Germany in the past two years. My Master degree in Chemistry helps a lot to understand the processes and adaptations which happen in the body before, during and after the workouts.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I did my first triathlon in 2004 and turned professional in 2010. During my early time in triathlon, I was self-coached. Intuitively I seem to have done a lot right during that time. Jo Spindler introduced me to teamTBB in the end of 2010 after I had won an Iron distance race just in front of him! After, I spent the major part of my professional career in teamTBB and experienced the training principles first under Brett Sutton and later on Jo Spindler as coaches. What impressed me most was that both were not just focused on the science of performance coaching, but really could implement the training methodologies into the individual social and physiological circumstances of their athletes. From my point of view this is the most important part of successful coaching. ‘One size fits all’ solutions simply don´t work because everyone is individual and everyone deserves a chance to be the best they can possibly be. During the past 7 years of my life I was determined to be the best athlete I could be, from now on I want to develop into the best coach I can be.

What have you achieved in your coaching career?

As a coach my athletes are often interested in my past race career. I’m very proud of what I’ve been able to achieve in a career that started in 2006! Below are some of my major highlights: Career Highlights as an Athlete: 7 Iron distance wins – personal best of 8hrs17min 4th place Ironman 70.3 Haugesund 2012 – personal best 70.3 of 3hrs59min 4hrs22min Ironman bike split in Cologne226 Triathlon 2013 3rd Professional in the German Ironman championship in 2011 Career Highlights as a Coach: 9hrs45 Ironman Rookie at Ostseeman Triathlon 2016 Individual podium in the 2nd federal triathlon league of Germany in 2016 Two of his coached junior athletes made it into the federation rooster in his “Bundesland” in 2015 and 2016 The hardest task yet might be to prepare his own wife for an Ironman in 2017 😉


Christian is such a great coach and I liked to work with him so much. 
He was always able to get me fit right on time and I could improve constantly.
Christian cares for his athlets so much, it's amazing.
I definitely will proceed training with Christian when the time is right.
Thanks for the amazing time!

Borris Jung
3 months ago

Christian is a great coach, 
I have achieved my best results with him as a coach and the training has been enjoyable. You can really see how much he cares about his athletes and is always happy to make adjustments or give you advise whenever needed.

Hjordis Yr Olafsdottir
about 2 years ago

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