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Coach David Hunt 

David Hunt profile
Dubai, UAE

I am a seasoned triathlete with over 20 years of experience of racing, training and coaching. After a career in the financial services industry and a decision to make a lifestyle change I am now based in the UAE and fairly recently qualified Trisutto coach.

I really like to see people enjoy what they are doing and getting better at what they enjoy. I can help you get there.

David is based in Dubai.

Owner and Founder:

Please contact David directly for coaching enquiries.  

phone +971566676212


I have raced everything from sprint through to full Ironman (South Africa and Challenge Roth) in triathlon as well as numerous road races, 5k through to full marathon.  I started my own triathlon journey in 2002, with Riyadh Triathletes Saudi Arabia, where the expats amused themselves by organizing triathlons: swimming in compound pools and cycling and running in the mid-summer heat. 

After a career in financial services with HSBC and other financial institutions, my wife and I based ourselves in Dubai for a life style change setting up our own business with a triathlon coaching side. 

After working with a number of other coaches as an athlete, I moved over to Trisutto since 2016 after meeting Brett and Matt Trautman in Dubai at a local camp. I found the approach of treating Triathlon as “one sport” something I could really relate too. I took the coaching certification in 2020 during the pandemic and I have been very fortunate to attend two training camps at the “Home of Triathlon” in Saint Mortiz Switzerland. I attended first as an age grouper and then for a further two weeks on-deck with Brett Sutton and the senior Trisutto coaches observing first-hand the training sessions with the pro and elite squads. 

The UAE hosts some first-class facilities for swimming, cycling and running and I thoroughly enjoy working face to face with my athletes in small groups. I will also take on athletes who wish to work remotely. I also coach a number of weekly sessions for the TriDubai athlete community.

In the last 5 years I have battled back to full fitness from two serious injuries. I broke my shoulder in a serious car accident on the way back from a training session and I fractured my right hip in a freak road cycle accident. So I understand the frustrations of long term injuries from personal experiences. 

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I am very fortunate to be a part of the Trisutto coaching set up and to have access to the Trisutto organization and their decades of experience in Triathlon. It is a sport where as an athlete and coach you are continually learning.  I am very lucky to have direct access to such talented and experienced coaches that can assist me both as an athlete and as a coach which in turn benefits the athletes I work with. Trisutto coaches are encyclopedia’s of applicable knowledge.  

What have you achieved in your coaching career?

As an athlete I have achieved podiums across both triathlon and running road and track races. I was very fortunate to attend  Age Group World 70.3 Championships in USA. I have enjoyed success as a coach with my athletes achieving numerous Age Group Podium places, including Ironman 70.3s


“Triathlon is one Sport “and David is that one coach you need to become the best version of a triathlete you can be. His expertise in all things triathlon combined with his tireless planning and workout management will get you over the finish line feeling satisfied to your soul. 

12 months with David has given me:

·         Discipline.

·         A complete understanding of my nutrition strategy for any race or training session on the calendar

·         Improved training and racing gear in all disciplines - and how to use them.

·         Increased ability to build and maintain pacing on and off the bike (Swim, Bike, Run)

·         Faster and more fluid transitions. #Thoushallnotfaf

·         The ability to bring it all together on race day.


Having started out with no prior triathlon experience, I am often asked what the secret to my rapid training progress has been, and every single time, my answer has been one word: David.  

Ali Monguno

Training with David and following the Trisutto methods and structured training helped me improve by leaps in a matter of weeks and months. Training within the Finishline coaching group also kept me accountable, pushed me harder and made training so much more fun. It's one of the best decisions I've made not only for my race preparation (training for my first 70.3 IM) but for my life long journey as a triathlete in general.

Clarissa Zaruk

David Hunt
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