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Coach Khadiga Amin 

Cairo, Egypt

Khadiga completed her first ironman in 2014, and soon after started helping a number of friends to complete their first triathlons over the half and full Ironman distances also. She developed a squad to train together for Ironman Barcelona in 2017 and her passion for coaching had been ongoing.

Khadiga is based out of Cairo, Egypt.


Training Squad: K.A.Coaching

Please contact Khadiga directly for coaching enquiries.


I am a big supporter of Brett Sutton and his coaching philosophy and I have tried to learn from him as much as possible, via both his online articles and through attending age group camps. I completed the Trisutto certificate in 2019, attending an additional camp with Brett in Gran Canaria as a coach, as part of the curriculum, a fantastic experience for myself.

Coming from Egypt I haven't previously been exposed to elite level athletes or coaching. It was a great experience.

I recently joined the Trisutto Coach-the-Coach program and now that I am communicating with my coaches Brett and Susie on daily basis regrading my own training and taking advices when needed for my athletes; it has been a great away to keep learning. The certificate has helped me gain a greater understanding of both the fundamentals and the nuances of coaching and I am excited to practice and help my own athletes to compete and train at.a higher level. 

Now I am coaching many different athletes across the sports of swimming, triathlon, and ultra running.


One of my main goals as a coach is to help develop young athletes into world class champions, especially Egyptians.

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