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Coach Marco Schwab 

Villars-sur-Glane, Switzerland

Marco has been involved with triathlon for 15 years and his passion is still burning. He also works in an executive position as team leader where he is motivation to create an environment of success. Combining both activities gives Marco a toolbox for helping people achieve high goals. Commitment on both sides, communication, dedication and a dose of fun are the fundaments of the partnership Marco aspires to. 

Marco is based out of Estavayer-le-Lac, Fribourg and St.Moritz

and speaks French, German, English and Italian.

Training Squad: Empower Triathlon 

                            Triclub Esta Broye

Please contact Marco directly for coaching enquiries.


I started sport late in my teenager time in joining the local basketball team. No talent, I was just tall. But I fully committed to the team and worked hard to own my place on the field. This dedication helped me to win the swiss national junior title at 20. It is only about 10 years later that I discover endurance sport and joined the local triathlon club in Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland.

No talent again, but I had the motivation to become better and progress through work and dedication. I went on several training camps as bike guide, then once I landed in St-Moritz in a Trisutto camp under Brett's direction. His first words to me after the swim: "Does it hurt? Yes: swimming hurts". And that's how my journey with Trisutto started. I've been coached by Brett for 3 years now and attended many camps as athlete and as coach.

I became the head coach of my local club and I build a performance squad for juniors. Applying the Trisutto method for these young athletes produces awesome results.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

Being close to my mentor Brett Sutton, I draw inspiration from his teachings to empower athletes in their triathlon journey and further in a healthy lifestyle.

I've been testing so many training methods on myself before joining Trisutto. As a scientist (I have a doctorate in geology, and some of you will say that's not science…) I wanted my training to fit the science. This was so limiting and after some years of training I was frustrated to spend so many hours training with little progress. I started to follow the Trisutto plans and then got coached personally by Brett. This gave me a sensation of freedom and better perception of what was good for my body. This feeling of empowerment also affected my life in private and business.

I want to give back this energy and empower people around me: in sport, triathlon, but also in their life. In my coaching at Empower Triathlon Training, I provide my athletes with my sensitivity and the multisport approach of Trisutto.

I want to build a performance environment for young triathletes and working closely with Brett is a phenomenal boost of energy in this project.


J’ai commencé mon coaching il y a maintenant 3 ans. Je voulais pouvoir progresser et gérer les entraînements par rapport à mes horaires irréguliers. Ça a été un gros challenge pour moi et surtout pour Marco qui a su super bien gérer mes changements d’horaires pour que je puisse être au top à chaque fois et au bon moment. Il me fait me dépasser lors des compétitions et chercher au fond de moi quand il le faut pour que je puisse donner le meilleur de moi. Il est à l’écoute de nos retours et sait trouver les bons mots. Quand tu penses que t’en peux plus et que t’es crevée et bien tu arrives encore aller plus loin et plus grâce à ses retours. Il a su me faire comprendre la philosophie du triathlon et comment enchaîner entre les disciplines. Marco est très professionnel. Son approche est très structurée et c’est ce qu’il me faut. Ses entraînements sont très variés et il sait s’adapter aux temps et aux saisons.

Aline Michel, AG 35-39,  3ans de coaching particulier, 2x Ironman finisher

Review mars 2021



Comment concentrer en quelques mots tout ce que Marco a su me faire découvrir avec son coaching? En bref il est le coach qui m'a fait comprendre le triple effort « nager pour pédaler, pédaler pour courir ». En trouvant les mots juste, il a su me guider pour me faire prendre du plaisir avant tout et dans chaque entraînement. Grâce à ces conseils et son écoute il a su me guider jusqu'au bout de mes objectifs avec ou sans compétition. Dès le départ, mon coaching a été basé sur la confiance et le partage des ressentis afin de construire au mieux un schéma d'entraînement personnalisé. Semaine après semaine, feed back et discussion, mes objectifs sur courte ou longue distance ne m'ont plus paru insurmontable grâce à lui. Depuis maintenant 2 ans, j'ai la chance de pouvoir compter sur la qualité et le suivi de son coaching. Attentif, professionnel et passionné Marco a réussi à me faire croire en moi et mes capacité malgré mes doutes, mes blessures ou mes angoisses.

Sophie Thévenaz, AG 35-39, 2 ans de coaching individuel, 2x Ironman 70.3 finisher

Review mars 2021

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