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Coach Mariusz Chrobot

Mariusz Chrobot.jpg
Wroclaw, Poland

Mariusz is an active age group athlete, entrepreneur and head coach of the TRIMP Triathlon Impulse team. With over 8 years of coaching experience and a background in managing, Coach Mariusz specializes in working with triathletes who are mostly 35+ years old and hold management positions.


Coach Mariusz understands the unique challenges faced by busy professionals who are juggling work, family, and training. He works closely with his athletes to develop personalized training plans that fit their schedules and help them reach their full potential and goals.


He strongly believes a Zen proverb - that obstacles do not block the path… the obstacles is the path.

Mariusz is based in Wroclaw, Poland.

Training squad: Trimp - Triathlon Impulse

Please contact Mariusz directly for coaching enquiries:


Influenced by observing the heroic achievements of Polish Himalayan climbers who conquered eight-thousand-meter peaks in winter, an interest in human physical endurance capabilities was born in me, which consequently led me to take up the IRONMAN triathlon challenge. Early on in my preparations for the long distance, I began to draw on the expertise of prominent coaches to improve my skills as efficiently as possible. As I gained experience, my training philosophy began to take shape, and was most influenced by Brett Sutton, who exemplified my work ethic.


My interest in mountains and triathlon led me to work as a coach specializing in preparing athletes also for XTRI competition. Within these competitions, not only excellent physical condition is crucial, but also mental stamina and strategy skills. During my career I have had the opportunity to work with winners and top athletes of extremely demanding events like Swissman, Norseman and Janosik. When preparing for this type of competition, special attention must be paid not only to the athletes themselves, but also to the entire support team, which poses additional challenges to the coach.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

My coaching philosophy is rooted in the Trisutto approach because it emphasizes expertise of deep understanding what the sport of triathlon is. It pays attention to communication skills, to work closely with athletes understanding their needs, goals and feedback. Last but not least it is empathy that allows to understand the athlete’s perspective, challenges to be able to provide support, motivation and encouragement as needed.

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