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Coach Michael Harvey 

Solothurn, Switzerland

Michael started coaching straight out of school teaching children to swim. From here he has studied, learnt and gained experience by seeking out and learning from the best coaches globally and piecing together his philosophy from their collective knowledge and meshed it with his own coaching and teaching experience.

Michael is currently based in Solothurn, Switzerland

Training Squads:

Momentum Endurance Coaching

Triathlon Centre Solothurn

TriMeca Performance Team

Please contact Michael directly for coaching enquiries.


Michael spent his youth swimming competitively up to a national level in Australia before switching later to triathlon, but ultimately found coaching to be his calling. He is a self confessed ‘historian’ of several sports and continues to learn and pass on his learnings from the best athletes and coaches of years gone by.  


His open and engaged approach to his craft has paid dividends, with his athletes winning Regional, State and National titles in Australia as well as athletes competing at World Championship in every distance in triathlon. He is now Head Coach of a High Performance Centre for Junior Triathletes in Switzerland having also worked with juniors in both School Programs and the State Junior Development program across Victoria, Australia.  

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I started Momentum Endurance Coaching to provide coaching that promotes individual success within a supportive culture. The organisational and coaching philosophies in Trisutto sit very close to those of MEC and to contribute to a global team that places an emphasis on creating a positive and informative environment for athletes and coaches alike is great to be apart of.


Highly recommend Michael as a coach. Puts 100% into your coaching program.

Adrian Polidano
1 year ago

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