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Coach Oliver Saxon 

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Sport is Ollies passion in life.

I quickly realised as a child that while my brain understood what I wanted to do, my arms and legs couldn't quite carry those instructions out. As a result, I started to study the what, how and why of the sports I liked with my intention to become, someday, a professional coach. 

Ollie is based in Sheffield, England.


Training Squad: Animis Racing Team 

Please contact Oliver directly for coaching enquiries.


I have been competing in triathlons since 2012 at distances from sprint (both pool and open water) to 70.3. However, once I started training in this sport, I realised that this was the sport for me and turned my attention to developing as a coach from October 2013. I have worked my way through the national body's coach education and extended and furthered that by my graduating from IronmanU and then the piece de resistance and true Gold Star standard, becoming Trisutto certified and being mentored by Brett Sutton himself.

In a former a life, I was a litigation lawyer and so I appreciate the need to balance a busy and stressful career, family life and training. However, the call of this sport was strong and I changed careers so that I can help people like you enjoy and get the most out of this fantastic sport, in balance with your life.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I implement the training methodologies of Trisutto, the methods, training sessions and techniques that have produced World and Olympic champions for over 30 years. Being personally mentored by Brett Sutton means that if we get stuck, we have a world class network to fall back on and help to solve our problem.

I listen to your needs and schedule and then work around this. As I used to be a litigation lawyer I understand the need to schedule time appropriately. Communication is the key and it works both ways - I like my athletes to feedback to me daily and keep me up to date with developments in their life as this all has an effect on training and stress.

I am also a friendly, affable, straight talking Yorkshireman. I wont give you any nonsense and will always tell it like it is.  

I look forward to helping you reach your goals, whatever they might be.


Ollie is a great coach to work with.  He is very attentive and responsive - I enjoy the training sessions he schedules for me, and have seen the results in terms of race performance.  This season so far I have had 2 podium finishes out of 2 races - which is a huge improvement from my 'middle of the pack' results.

Monica McDonnell
almost 2 years ago

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