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Is a one week training camp a good idea?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

trisutto training triathlon camp Brett Sutton ironman

This question has been asked of me on so many occasions.

My answer needs to be put in context as we deal with professional and age group athletes.

The answer for pros comes very easy to me - definitely not!

The answer for age groupers came with time, very easy also - absolutely! A big yes.

This is not an advertisement for Trisutto training camps of which I am in attendance as I no longer run camps myself. However two things have changed my mind on their effectiveness:

The first, people with very busy schedules, balancing work, family and training, can get bogged down by their relentless time table. A week away can be just the thing to break that some times vicious cycle. To get away for a week in a different environment, while still having opportunities to train can be a breath of fresh air.

Similarly when training through dark winters and juggling a tough time table, is the ability to enjoy a week in a warmer climate. As good as the saying, get some sun on your back it’s the best medicine, and just what the doc prescribes for those that can afford the time and financial cost to do it!

However the second reason is much more important.

Most of my time is heavily focused on coaching, so up until recently I didn’t appreciate the greatest positive of camps. This is the long term relationships many athletes develop. Not just planning later training camps and locations together, but true friendships that last way beyond triathlon. It may be the sharing of pain together or other magic moments but I can attest it builds a camaraderie second to none.

We first started camps in 2015. They were very international in nature and I have been humbled by the feedback we still receive from people who attended the early camps. Some still plan international holidays with their old training camp partners, just to join and enjoy their company for a normal holiday.

That to me has been the biggest positive of what we did. Take it from me, you might attend a camp looking for some extra conditioning but leave it with life long memories and friendships. A training camp can be so much more.

Just the way I see it.


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