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Coach Zarina Kopina

Athens, Greece

Zarina has 30 years experience in multisports. She was a member of the Russia National Team in Naval Pentathlon and member of the National Teams of Ukraine in Modern Pentathlon and Greece in Modern Pentathlon and Triathlon. 

She also worked as a coach in the Greek National Team of the Modern Pentathlon (2006-2009) and since 2011, she is a coach in the team of Krommidas Coaching and responsible for Elite Young Athletes program. 


She is based in Marathon, Greece and speaks Greek and Russian.

Training Squad: Krommidas Coaching


Zarina started training at the age of six years old in the Children’s and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve of the former Soviet Union. She was a member of the Russia National Team in Naval Pentathlon with many international awards. Moreover, as a member of the National Team of Ukraine in Modern Pentathlon she became four times Champion of Ukraine and in Triathlon two times Champion of Greece.  

Zarina holds the following university studies, diplomas and certifications:

  • PhD holder entitled “Rehabilitation in multisports”.

  • Studies in Dnipropetrovsk State institute of Physical Culture and Sports and Simferopol State University with specialty in “Coach in endurance multisports”. 

  • Graduate of Alternative Medicine School with specialty in “Bio energy Therapy”. 

  • Certify Coach from the Greek Ministry of Sports.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

Having gained experience from Brett who is not only the best coach but also a teacher, it is my honor to be part of the best team in the world by transferring knowledge, training methods and thoughts so as to make people better in sports and in their lives as well. 

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