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  • Level: Age group finisher
  • Duration: 8 weeks 
  • Hours: 6-8 hours per week 


Our 6 - 8 hour per week plan is designed specifically for athletes starting out in triathlon or in the lead up to sprint distance racing.


The first weeks of this plan are deliberately easy, and build over the course of the 8 weeks. The initial goals are to develop consistency and a schedule of training that fits with your other life commitments. Triathlon is an aerobic sport with an emphasis on strength endurance.


Our training plans:

Build consistency with repetition of workouts within each four week block.
Incorporate sport specific strength training into our swim, bike and run workouts. Paddles when swimming, big gear bike strength work and hills and fartlek running.
Develop ability to 'feel' effort levels and not be reliant and/or misled by gadgets.
Focus on the 'meat and potatoes' of training, and not be distracted by the 'fluff'.



This '8 week Sprint Distance Training Plan' is provided under the assumption that the participant has a basic level of fitness, has been actively training recently, is injury free and can accomplish the following:

  • Swim: Complete 300m of swimming without stopping.
  • Bike: Complete 40 minutes of cycling without stopping.
  • Run: Complete 20 minutes of jogging without stopping.

8 Week Sprint (8 hours pw)

Excluding GST
  • Download your training plan in PDF format from your purchase receipt that is emailed to you.

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