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  • Level: Runners able to complete 5km 
  • Duration: 16 weeks 
  • Hours: Builds to 5 hours of running per week 


This is a running training plan. It is not a triathlon plan. It is aimed at recreational runners who can complete a 5km and would like to attempt their first marathon event with the goal of finishing. 

The plan duration is 16 weeks, structured into 4 x 4 week blocks, with each block building on the one before. 


The first 8 weeks of the plan has 3 runs per week. It then progresses to 4 runs per weekfor the remainder of the plan. The emphasis is to gradually increase the length of the longest run each week. The other runs support this objective.



This Marathon training plan is provided under the assumption that the participant has a basic level of fitness, has been actively training recently, is injury free and can complete a 5km run comfortably.

Run Finisher Marathon (builds to 5 hours pw)

Excluding GST
  • Download your training plan in PDF format from your purchase receipt that is emailed to you.

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