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  • Level: Advanced age group
  • Duration: 12 weeks 
  • Hours: 16 to 18 hours per week 


Our comprehensive 16 to 18 hour per week Advanced Olympic distance training plan is designed specifically for experienced age group athletes preparing for an Olympic distance triathlon. 


It incorporates the trisutto training principles (which are explained in the plan introduction section). Program duration is 12 weeks, structured into 3 x 4 week blocks, with each block building on the one before. Most week days have two short workouts per day. Longer bike and run workouts are scheduled on weekends. Race week taper and advice on post race recovery are included.


It is provided under the assumption that the participant has 2 or more years of consistent training and racing, and is capable of completing the following:
SWIM: Complete 2000m of swimming without stopping.
CYCLING: Complete 120 minutes of cycling without stopping.
RUN: Complete 60 minutes of jogging without stopping.

Advanced Olympic Distance (16-18 hours pw)

Excluding GST
  • Download your training plan in PDF format from your purchase receipt that is emailed to you.

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