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An Olympic thank you to all our supporters!

Sutto Olympic Team - Nicola, Candy, Max and Brett

(thank you Diego Menzi for the fantastic photos)

I would like to pass on a big thank you to all of you that have sent positive messages to all our team for the Tokyo Olympics. The guys are all very appreciative of your love and support.

To those asking if we are in Tokyo? I can say no, we are in not so sunny St. Moritz at this time. The guys will leave as late as possible, Thursday night on the red eye.

We decided that our home camp has served us well in all other races, and with the uncertainty brought on by covid possible restriction changes that we would stay home in our own beds, eat our normal food routine and get ready on all our familiar training venues.

To those all excited by our last weeks preparation, I have to disappoint. Last weeks non drafting race was our last training day. We have followed our long held race preparation plan of no fire works in the last 2 weeks. We don't believe in the fast sharpening up phases. We have the courage to go with what we have put in the bank over the last 12 weeks.

We have no injuries and so we have no excuses. We have moved into race mode maintenance with minimum of fuss, no more anaerobic work, no more 100% speed on anything. For us it is about the work done, and belief in it.

Getting on a plane full of lactate is the worst outcome for race performance.

Thanks again for all your support, we promise only one outcome, that we all will do our best.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.


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