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Big Nick - total body force!

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

At the pool this morning while i was getting depressed whether to respond to all the non-educated or misinformed, there was big Nick in the age group lane plowing up and down with ease. Whacking it out, two straight arms, one-sided breathing and power accelerating through the stroke. He was like a metronome; made me smile.

Now big Nick didn't look like this when he first turned up a 5 years ago. Nick struggled in the water, bilateral breathed, nice high elbows, finger dragging, looked great. One 'little problem'..., he didn't move. Nick was very frustrated, as he bikes like a monster, and runs like a train. But by the time he got out the water the race was really over. I'm sure you have sympathy with the big fella, but don't cry for him too much because that's a thing of the past.

I asked Nick if I could use his story, 'no problem'.

Big Nick doesn't say too much, just rolls up every now and then to let the coach take a look that he isn't slipping back into old habits. So, I asked the big fella if I can say his half / 70.3 swim time has improved over 5 minutes since his swim reconstruction. I gotta Swiss 'noooo noooo nooo sutto'. I'll let him tell it.

'No. In the halves more than that, but I've been doing Olympic distance too and you can say 5 minutes minimum in the 1500m swim, but maybe more there too'.

But Nick, not finished there, then piped up:

'Sutto, I have an old shoulder injury, swimming the old way used to hurt it a lot, when we switched to straight arms it stopped bothering me at all, even with the big paddles, I was surprised as I'm pain free, it is amazing'.


I think Nick will help you much more than me, trying to debate brainwashed but well meaning people. They just haven't been told there is another way. That path is total body force swimming. I told Nick, you're helping a lot of frustrated triathletes.

He was at his verbal best - 'No problem' then pushed off to do another 200m rep.

If you don't believe me, then listen to Nick - there is 5 minutes of free speed in Nick's words, should you want it.

Just the way I see it!

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