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Breaking news from ITU

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

With less than 2 Weeks to WTS Hamburg, the first WTS race in nearly 12 months, the ITU in their wisdom have officially changed the normal WTS race into a World Championship. However, that is not the breaking news to me. The real news is, or should be, the ITU have lost their collective minds! How does this address any problems, from the crisis we have before us? Not only does this ridiculous decision prove it, but worse it is disrespectful to all their athletes having to deal with travel restrictions, and in some cases still in lock down unable to travel. Your reward for this problem is, we will run a World Championship that some of our athletes can't attend by law! What about feelings for these athletes? This is just another illustration that all entities in triathlon, the 'custodians' of the sport have no interest in what is best for their athletes, but the organisation is the only important thing to protect. It is my fervent hope that all national federations will aggressively protest this outrageous decision. Back bone is now needed to stop this, at once. The World Triathlon Series is continually being watered down to a joke. There has been no one day World Championship since 2008, and they now make a knee jerk agreement at the executive table to break all of its own ITU conventions. This will make our sport a laughing stock. One must ask, what were they smoking during their lock down? Just the way I see it!

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