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Business as usual

The Olympics is like real life itself.

It's the last no bullshit zone.

You have to be ready.

It's brutally honest.

Injuries, sickness, or even accidents through no fault of your own - the Olympics doesn't discriminate.

You are ready, or you are not.

Monday morning, The Champ was there. Ready with a broken wing, to follow any instruction.

Why? We have a pact - 'Olympic prep starts on the 1st of July' - and so it did! It will continue each day. We play the cards that are dealt. At present the hand is rubbish, but we will play it to the best of our ability. Thus, when the time comes, and the picture cards appear we will not change. But play them the same way. This has been Nicolas' way for 14 years. That is why in our squad she is called 'The Champ', and only the naive will doubt that she will be ready to go to war in 2021. Nobody on that start line will understand better, the real Olympic creed -

'When the flag drops, the bullshit stops'

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