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Credit for an inspirational performance

The battle for the World Championship title in Lausanne, 2006

As the week winds down from the World Series Triathlon finale in Lausanne, I was amazed how many athletes who competed were shocked when I said you have just done one of the world's iconic races.

Lausanne has been going now for 25 years and I know that because I've been at most of them. Not only has it been a happy hunting ground for Trisutto athletes, but has a rich history of World Championships that left nobody in doubt who was the best in the Olympic distance part of the sport.

This year was no exception with it being dominated by the best athletes in the sport at this time. We witnessed a devastating win in the men's race by Kristian Blummenfelt to be followed up by one of the most courageous come back wins I've witnessed. I may be a rival coach but anybody that can't take their hat off and salute Katie Zaferes should stay out of sport.

Two crashes in the last two races and still carrying the scars from a horrific crash just 2 weeks ago, still fresh to all to see - to then take such a deep look into herself and confront the fear she must have felt driving down the two descents and into 90 degree corners is what an honourable sportsperson is all about.

After dropping every turn, to watch her will herself back up and on to the front was a magic moment in sport, not just triathlon. We will see you in Tokyo, but the whole Trisutto family would like to salute a magnificent effort.

History of Triathlon in Lausanne

The first World Championship here was held in 1998 on a very different course and it was a magnificent test of triathlon. The race was held in same lake but the ride was 4 laps and to the top of the cathedral with a 4km climb. And if not hard enough it had cobbles at the very top of the ascent. The run wound through the beautiful gardens around Lausanne's lake and fantastic sports complex.

There is a no more more spectacular course. Again it produced a titanic battle every meter of the way between Michellie Jones and Joanne King. Michellie, who raced here again this weekend, is a triathlon great, winning 2 ITU World Championships and later winning Kona. This day she finished in second but to a very good athlete in Joanne who went on to win the iconic races of Roth and Nice. Trisutto athletes were also back to Lausanne for the 2006 World Championship. The course was close to what the pros raced on this weekend, and saw two absolute wars in the men's and women's race. Tim Don from England got the better of Hamish Carter who you should all know went on to create Olympic history with an amazing victory in the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Not to be out done, another Olympic great Emma Snowsill put on an emphatic performance that ended the incredible unbeaten run of another Olympic podium athlete and Portugal's all time best triathlete Vanessa Fernandes.

Then we witnessed the third chapter of a trilogy of fantastic world championships this weekend. Drama and brilliant performances in front of a screaming crowd three deep at every meter of the run course, and most of the bike course, it was a day for the triathlon ages. While Trisutto athletes didn't finish on the podium this time, giving her all for her country and all the fans 16 weeks after the birth of her 3rd child, Nicola Spirig the Swiss Wonder Woman cemented her place for Tokyo with a brilliant 10th place finish. I should add that she was struggling in 13th place however her home crowd lifted her over the last 1500m for her to achieve the Swiss automatic selection criteria. I would like to thank all, not just for supporting their Super Mum, but showing the world what triathlon can be. A weekend to remember, and the organisers just did what they always have done, which is to put on the best race on the ITU circuit every time they are asked. Congratulations guys, that too was a world champion effort.

Well done.

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