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Different strokes for different folks

After our first instalment looking at the straight arms stroke of Janet Evans and Michael Klim, we have received comments along the lines of why this technique won't work for you. However this is the whole point of these blogs.., there is not one technique for everyone. We are not one of the one stroke fits all brigade! At Trisutto we understand swimming, but more importantly we understand that every individual is different. As such we provide not one stroke but six variants that can be selected from to make you a better swimmer. Our goal with these blogs is to show our readers that there are many different techniques in swimming besides the 'textbook' freestyle which is too often used as the standard. We want to share what we have learnt from great swimmers in history with their perceived 'unorthodox' swim techniques, and show how these techniques can be suitable and adaptable for triathlon. We have had great success teaching both our private age group athletes and camp athletes that there is another way. They have all been in similar situations, be it reading multiple magazine articles, participating in forum discussions, or jumping from one coached workout to the next, all desperately gathering information to try to unlock the swim puzzle.., and failing miserably. Why do they fail? The same reason as you - there is no in-depth look at what is the best technique for someone that has taken their first swim lesson at age 25, 35 or in some cases 50 years old. It just isn't out there! It is my duty to explain that there is a different way. That there is deep analysis and it sits within the Trisutto organisation. We are providing it to our readers with one goal - to help you, the struggling swimmer, to know that there are other ways to access, and enjoy, a faster swim. To address the next query from the doubters 'how could you study these people first hand? Well in triathlon even seeing is sometimes not believing - but I'll attempt to convince you I was indeed there! The 1987 Australian Pan Pacific team swimming championships where Janet Evans competed for the USA was held at the Chandler Aquatic Centre in Brisbane, Australia. Our training camp was in the same venue, so I spent more time studying the USA team and Janet than the Australians.

This was 33 years ago, however at the now ripe old age of 62, that puts me age 25 as the youngest Director of Swimming in Australia at that time. Indeed my first head coach selection for Australia was in the mid 1980s, and I'm the one that looks like the little kid in the photo.

Four of this team came from my own personal squad, however you might notice my choice for assistant coach was Denis Cotterell. Denis went on to coach Daniel Kowalski, Grant Hackett, and Sun Yang from China. It was a development squad and I was asked to pick which coach I thought could develop into being a great coach. Denis proved me so right. Yes, I looked a little different back then. However I want to make this point to you. Read and reread these articles. Like me (or hate me), I do know swimming at every level! Next up, body roll with Sippy Woodhead and Tracey Wickham!

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